The Draco 13 is a large, long-range wide-body airliner made by Dracota Aeronautics Co. between 1971 and 2025

After the introduction and success of the Draco 17, Dracota started to work in a larger, and widebody aircraft, to maximize profit, increase passenger numbers and reduce seat costs, starting development in 1966 and being rolled out in 1970, making it's first flight in the same year, the Draco 13 started production in 1971, and only had one variant, the 07, which is the smallest one, with the 08 being launched in 72 and the 09 in 73.

the Draco 13 had many advancements, the most noticeable of them being the larger, more efficient and powerful engines, the U77, used later in the Titan family of cargo planes due to it's power

The Draco 13-07 Variant is the most successful variant of the family, and saw production until 2025, of course to last that long it had many upgrades, in the engines, avionics, wings and cockpit instruments.


Activation: AG 1
Usage: Slider 1

Air Brakes:
Usage: Brake

Engine Reversers:
Activation: AG 2
Usage: Brake

Have a good flight.

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Generic Version

Draco 13-08

Draco 13-09


  • Created On: Windows
  • Game Version:
  • Price: $532,354k
  • Number of Parts: 1098
  • Dimensions: 21 m x 64 m x 75 m


  • Total Delta V: 0m/s
  • Total Thrust: 0N
  • Engines: 4
  • Wet Mass: 3.54E+5kg
  • Dry Mass: 2.68E+5kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass
1 4 0m/s 0N 0s 3.54E+5kg



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