Three stage rocket with reusable second stage capable of taking moderate sized but heavy payloads anywhere in the solar system as many time as you desire.
The cargo stage is accompanied by 78 efficient ion thrusters which can help with or orbital corrections along with one powerful main thruster.
It practically has unlimited delta-v but uses battery. However power consumption is not much of an issue as the craft is mounted with plenty of solar panels.

[Launch instructions]

Set middle tank to fill and the 4 Outter boosters to drain, lock heading and launch. (Seen in pic above)

Roll 90 degrees unless you are going for a polar orbit (Ensures safe and successful side booster separation)

When staging/activating the Ion engines
turn on Gyroscope and RCS as the engines hardly gimbal.
(Gyroscope power is turned up)

When de-orbiting For landings make sure you have your Gyroscope on, (RCS is optional)
Use your parachutes when around 3000-2500 meters (AGL)

[Sliders and Action Groups]

1: Main Engine
2: Inner/Outter Engines
3: Gyroscope
8: Landing Gear
9: Parachutes
10: RCS
11: Docking Port Extender (Slider 1)
12: Rotate Y-Axis (Slider 2)
13: Rotate X-Axis (Slider 2)
14: Cargo Bay/Lights
15: Cargo Detacher
16: Solar Array

[Note]: Plan to work on an upgraded version which will be 100% Ion and reusable. Capable of larger volume payloads.
Consider an upvote if you enjoy and leave any feedback please and thank you!

Upgraded Version:


  • Successors 4 craft(s) +28 bonus
  • Created On: Android
  • Game Version: 0.9.704.0
  • Price: $737,162k
  • Number of Parts: 408
  • Dimensions: 55 m x 11 m x 4 m


  • Total Delta V: 592.8km/s
  • Total Thrust: 8.2MN
  • Engines: 84
  • Wet Mass: 3.56E+5kg
  • Dry Mass: -912,340kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass
1 5 4.7km/s 6.2MN 7.4m 3.56E+5kg
3 78 588.0km/s 4kN 1.93years 1.61E+5kg


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    13.7k Vedhaspace


    2.6 years ago
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    @AstroAerospace thank you!!

    2.7 years ago
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    @vibecheck203 Yeah go ahead. Ion engine are just like the other engines but they also require a battery in order to work. Also just if you didn't know, some of the engines on this and my other ion crafts are XML edited to achieve greater thrust so if you're trying to snag those they're in the center.

    2.7 years ago
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    Awesome craft. Is it okay if I use the Ion engines in the orbiter stage for my own craft? I can’t figure out how to make this types of engines work.

    +1 2.7 years ago
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    Very neat! you got my upvote :)

    +1 3.0 years ago
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    I love those engines! Really good work!

    +1 3.0 years ago


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