"It's been four years since the war ended. Today, we launched a vessel designed for battle, but now we redefine its purpose -- peace. "

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U.N.S.C Infinity,board number: INF-101,Is the flag ship of UNSC,also the biggest starship human ever built in Halo's story until Halo 5.

The construction of the Infinity began in 2544 at the Concord special assembly plant in the Oort cloud surrounding the solar system.For the sake of confidentiality, the people involved in the construction have been living around the construction site and their communication with the outside world is completely blocked. The huge cost of warship construction makes it impossible for oni to keep the construction project
completely confidential.Fleet admiral said shafiq, who was in charge of the relevant arms procurement,was fully aware of the existence of the Infinity.

Eventually, the UNSC fleet, rather than the Office of Naval Intelligence (Oni), took control of the Infinity. De Rao served as captain,But admiral palangosky, the commander-in-chief of the Naval Intelligence Agency, predicted that Thomas Lasky would eventually replace him as captain of the Infinity.In March 2553, human discovered the technology from triwilhelm, a pioneer shield world in the galaxy zeta swordfish,Integrated into the construction plan. In particular, it provided assistance to the warships from harak,This greatly improved the ship's ability of space navigation, and made the final construction progress ahead of the milestone.Unlike ordinary UNSC ships, which only have fitness facilities and hangars for Marine Corps and Spartan training,Infinity is the first ship to have a state-of-the art virtual reality combat area, which uses holographic imaging technology,
Simulated sensory input experience pushed through props and neural interfaces to simulate real and virtual battlefields across the galaxy.

In March 2553, Dr. Katherine Halsey was assigned to the Infinity under the supervision of chief engineer Dr. Grassman,With the discovery of the pioneer engine, engineers from triwilhelm were assigned to the warship to assist.

Among the existing ships, the size of the Infinity is only less than 29km of the former covenent CSO class Super carrier and 6.3km of the Phoenicians
(Elite) brigantine, but from the vanguard's point of view, Infinity was just a destroyer.

Like other large warships, infinity is equipped with a high-speed rail system for easy access.Infinity's armor is made of A3 titanium alloy, which is 4.9 meters thick, and is equipped with an energy shield. Making the endlessly the first UNSC warship to be equipped with energy shields.The combination of armor and shield allows the endlessly to withstand a direct impact on the covenent RCS class armored cruiser without significant damage.The ship's sublight engine is XR2 boglin field fusion engine. This conventional engine module, which is the size of a city, took 15 years to design.Manufacturing and testing is a combination of main fusion engine and two auxiliary engine units driven by fusion power.The power required for the superluminal transition comes from the mark X Macedonian / Z HDS prototype mounted on a remote bracket.It is based on a recycled pioneer transition engine core, with extremely accurate transition space
navigation capability.The power of the vacuum energy is independent of the fusion engine of the ship itself.Due to the incompatibility of the alien transition space driver with UNSC conventional power and related data feedback,a new engine control module is installed on the engine module of Infinity.

Some scenes behind:The final design of Infinity was provided by 3D artist Ansel Hsiao, who also provided the original for the Star Wars set-up
In halo 4 and Spartan operation, Infinity has five obvious MAC guns, but Infinity has only four MAC guns in its original setting. This problem has been fixed in halo 5: guardian. In the new model, the top muzzle of Infinity has been removed.


You Also Can See Controls From The Bridge's Screen:



Vertical Floating Mode:AG1
Normal Engines:Throttle+AG2
Hyper Engine:Throttle+AG3

Please NOT to touch AG4 because it will cause error of holographic attitude display

AG5:See to >>Control--Strident Class
AG6:See to >>Control--Strident Class
AG7:See to >>Control--Strident Class
AG8:See to >>Control--Strident Class
AG9:See to >>Armament
Some Lights:AG10


Strident Class Airborne Cabin:AG9

MAC cannons:Bridge-Right NO.1 Controller

Control--Strident Class:

Normal Engines:Throttle+AG5
Hyper Engine:Throttle+AG6
Vertical Floating Mode:AG8


Better NOT to activate AG5,6 while AG7,AG9 didn't activated
Vertical floating mode is just used for on-planet environment
Please swich after activated AG7 or you can't cntrol the stridents
Lagging is hard to avoid if game's qualty is too high
Ships' Floating Programme Maybe Failed In V0.9.6

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Lower Part Count Series:

U.N.S.C Infinity (INF-101) Without Frigates (8796 Parts)

U.N.S.C Infinity (INF-101) Without Frigates Without Bridge (7220Parts)

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Some Assistant Parts:

Infinity Bridge(Parts)

UNSC Logo(Parts)

Special Thanks:

zzazzaFor MFD programmes

s5ehfr9For Vizzy controlling parts

IcePingFor Vizzy optimization

GrayStarFor lightable parts

VictoriaCrossFor first testing

crazydlFor second testing

Pedro16797For third testing

Thank you for reading this post patiently. If you like this stuff, Thank you very much!


  • Created On: Windows
  • Game Version: 0.9.508.0
  • Price: $-276,783k
  • Number of Parts: 11711
  • Dimensions: 133 m x 104 m x 707 m


  • Total Delta V: 0m/s
  • Total Thrust: 142.7MN
  • Engines: 45
  • Wet Mass: 4.87E+5kg
  • Dry Mass: -1,755,240,448kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass


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    Sadly, in the settings of HALO: INFINITE, UNSC INFINITY has been destroyed in the battle with banished near the Zeta HALO.
    R.I.P,UNSC INFINITY,a legend of human starship league, gone with honor.

    Pinned 2.4 years ago
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    wow dude :O

    8 months ago
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    @HyperNovaAerospace I ran it on a mobile device with 3 to 17 fps

    +2 9 months ago
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    105 Li723

    Oh no, it prevents my game from starting.

    +1 11 months ago
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    How you control this craft in air

    +4 1.6 years ago
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    im so impressed that peapole can do such good things, my ipad? Well… not so much.

    +1 1.7 years ago
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    230 FAI

    @ivansheppard853gmail dude it means your device cant handle it

    +1 1.8 years ago
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    you made the monitors and the hologram

    1.9 years ago
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    Beautiful ship :)

    1.9 years ago
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    @Thatflyingboi this comment is gold

    2.2 years ago
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    How about the spirit of fire?

    2.3 years ago
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    Wow, cool!

    2.3 years ago
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    Hold my beer...
    This is legit insane

    2.5 years ago
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    Why doesn't the website say 'this craft is too large for mobile, please log in to confirm download', yet says so for crafts that have LESS THAN 300 parts?

    2.5 years ago
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    31.9k Zyvx

    Truly a masterpiece, awesome details.

    2.6 years ago
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    3,369 Bayourex

    11711 parts lololol

    +2 2.6 years ago
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    0 Anxo

    When I download it, it takes a long time to load and when it finishes I get out of the game

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    Gotta set my quality to Potato

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    60 Wool

    Just amazing! Thanks for your hard work on the UNSC infinity, I'm so glad you made this 😀

    +1 2.9 years ago
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    Im just not gonna even attempt to load that on my tablet

    +3 2.9 years ago
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    Finally managed to fly this. It was awesome! Although my computers fan didn’t turn off for a while.

    +3 2.9 years ago
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    13.6k FalconAero


    +2 3.0 years ago
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    Holy Mother of god this thing is so big even make my game crash i was just gonna fly this to mars but when I download it my just like...... FREEZE

    +4 3.0 years ago
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