Urban transport is increasingly intensifying in the great avenues of the entire planet Droo. More cars go and more delays and noise pollution have contributed significantly to the discomfort and living conditions of citizens. However, Branell has the perfect solution, introducing the HALO eVTOL!

HALO is an eVTOL (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) aircraft designed to help transport citizens of the city through air mobility, thus making the streets less crowded, in addition to contributing to greater organization of the city, preventing overpriced investment in new infrastructure displacement, such as new bus lines and subways.

Branell designed the HALO to be 100% sustainable and silent, providing maximum comfort for citizens and efficient transport in a completely sustainable way for the environment. With a maximum capacity of up to 6 passengers, you can make connections in large cities and neighborhoods, offering the greatest luxury and comfort available on Branell aircraft.

Controls and Activation Groups

Throttle - Start the climb
Brake - Start the descent
Pitch - Go forward/backward
Yaw - Go to the sides

Activation Groups:
AG 1 - Start the programs
AG 2 - Strobe Lights
AG 3 - NAV Lighs / Lights
AG 4 - Inside Lights
AG 5 - Landing Lights
AG 6 - Auto Landing


  • Be careful when turning off all the power at once or opening the brake for too long or the stabilizer will present instability and lose altitude.

  • Auto Landing may take a few minutes to land, so make sure you are at an altitude close to 200 meters to start the program.

  • Credits for the program: @Bielzinho767 - Thank you so much for your help in this great project :)

If you have any suggestions let me know in the comments. Thanks and hope you like it :)


  • Created On: Windows
  • Game Version:
  • Price: $226k
  • Number of Parts: 355
  • Dimensions: 3 m x 12 m x 11 m


  • Total Delta V: 0m/s
  • Total Thrust: 0N
  • Engines: 0
  • Wet Mass: 2,239kg
  • Dry Mass: 2,239kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass



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