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Note to players:

The craft file included in this release post is the "Web version" which has been removed some details to accord with website uploading.

The download link of the full craft file of the actual publicity is here:

U.N.S.C. Pillar Of Autumn II Full Version (39637 parts)

Warning: if you are brave and confident enough in the performance of your device, you can download this full version file, load it into the game and try to experience the feeling close to the level map in Chapter 1 of Halo - Combat Evolution - Remade.

If you are a mobile player, please give up downloading this full version file!

Because it can only waste your time, patience and game fellings!


"There was only one ship."

"One? Are you sure?"

UNSC pillar of autumn II, is the first ship of Autumn-class Heavy Cruiser serving in the UNSC Navy, designed and manufactured by Sino-Viet Industry

During the Human-Covenant war, the Halcyon class played a great role in the battle against the Covenant. The disadvantage is its complex and expensive design. After the war, UNSC needs an easier to build more economical heavy cruisers to replace Marathon class heavy cruisers. The Marathon class is fully armed and has incredibly heavy armor, but its simpler deck design means it is more likely to lose combat capability.
In the war, only a few heavy cruisers survived because of the overall inefficiency of the Halcyon class and the scarcity of the Marathon class. To the end of the war, UNSC "Pillar Of Autumn" underwent a series of upgrades in order to implement the "Red-Flag operation",
These upgrades enabled the "Pillar Of Autumn" to make repeated achievements in the fall of Reach and the battle of special zone 04, but it could not make it have the ability to compete with the Covenant super cruiser that UNSC warships did not have before.
Although the "Pillar Of Autumn" was eventually destroyed in the 04 ring belt, its upgrading project inspired the Fleet Command to develop another Cruiser - the Autumn class, which was named after its "Pillar Of Autumn" as an honor. The design was not completed until after the war ended,
The heavy cruisers of this level also began to play a role in the cruiser ranks of the UNSC Navy, and the positions of the heavy cruisers of the whole UNSC Navy were filled by the Autumn class. Many Autumn classes are used as escorts of UNSC INFINITY.
As the home fleet was badly weakened in the earth and Mars battles, at least ten Autumn class heavy cruisers were enlisted in 2558. In October 2552, eight modified marathon class heavy cruisers were loaded together.

The name of the Autumn class comes from the colloquialism of its first ship, which is named after the legendary "Pillar Of Autumn".
The Pillar Of Autumn was modified and improved in 2552 to implement the "Red-Flag operation". The modified "Pillar Of Autumn" marks a major leap in the design of human warships and proves the modern technical strength of UNSC

Since the hull of the first ship of the Autumn class is based on the recovered Halcyon class hull, it is quite similar to the Halcyon class in shape. At the same time, when designing the Autumn level, Sino-Viet Industry also absorbed some upgrades and modifications tested by the Pillar Of Autumn.
The Autumn class heavy cruiser is a comprehensive capital ship, balancing mobility, armor, firepower, crew needs and manufacturing difficulties. The shock resistance of these cruisers largely comes from the installation of thick A-type titanium alloy armor plates.
When the cruiser is attacked by plasma weapons, the titanium alloy armor plate will boil and evaporate, so that the internal structure, weapons and crew will not be seriously damaged until it is evaporated.
Like other cruisers, the Autumn class also has an armored shell with a fusion engine section, which is the result of countless painful experiences in the rebel war. Through the engineers of Sino-Viet Industry, a new type of armor was installed for the Autumn class:
Shield enhanced armor. This is a new variant of electromagnetic armor. The shield enhanced armor in Autumn includes a decentralized array composed of small shield generators. This is a shield armor that is more advanced and easier to manufacture than on Covenant warships.
When the external titanium alloy hull is damaged, the sensor in the armor triggers the nearest shield generator, which generates a strong transient energy shield only where the attack is received to resist the attack.
The deep autumn class also has advanced long-range sensors. Although most tactical systems are still the same as those used by human ships in the human Covenant war, the Autumn class is also equipped with super scanners reverse studied from the Covenant,
It combines the most advanced naval combat network relay station and is installed on the top of the upper layer of the back of the Autumn class. Star detection sensors and detector launchers are installed in the front of the ship and can be used to deploy microsatellite constellations, manipulate orbital UAVs and support ground operations.
It has a different number of visual windows and smaller external radar, and the hull configuration is also different. The length of the antenna in the front of the hull is about twice that of the Pillar Of Autumn.

The firepower of the Autumn class cruisers is also quite strong. Due to the continuous improvement of their various systems, they have the characteristics of modern long-range target matrix. The main weapon of the Autumn class is an advanced mark IX,
Heavy duty coil - 45j3d3 / Mac gun. There are also 32 m58 shooter missile pods for long-range firepower. The Autumn class is also equipped with mark40 "Spitfire" coil gun, which has better accuracy than its predecessor mark33,
Higher initial speed and faster tracking speed. These coil guns are equipped with a new titanium alloy armor, which can save several tons of materials for each turret without reducing the protection performance.
The Autumn class also has a point defense array, including 6 M66 "sentry" automatic turrets and 6 M910 "city wall" fixed-point defense machine guns.

The Autumn class has only 800 crew members, which is less than the average number of ships of the same size. In addition, the cruiser retained only 45 Marines and 220 ODST.
Similarly, the Autumn class also has a deployment Bay of airborne pods called hell waiting room by ODST. There are six deployment bays of airborne pods in the Autumn class, which can squeeze an entire ODST company and their equipment on board.
When the cabin door is opened, up to 216 soeivs or cargo airdrop cabins can be deployed in the cabin at the same time. The Autumn class also has two standard UNSC airlocks and cargo receiving ports, which can be used to transfer crew and transport cargo.
The Autumn cruiser can replace different container mission modules and divide the hangar into areas focusing on different targets. One module is used for track strike and strike configuration,
It has added docking brackets for the d82-est snake Pelican cargo spacecraft and an explosion-proof ammunition warehouse for storing ODST ammunition and gunboats. During the mission, each cruiser can carry up to 12 D77 or D79 Pelican troop carriers.
And parked in two large hangars on the keel. The Autumn class also carries escape pods.

Parts level Selection:

U.N.S.C. Pillar of-Autumn II LOW1 (17579parts)

U.N.S.C. Pillar of-Autumn II LOW2 (9652parts)

U.N.S.C. Pillar of-Autumn II LOW3 (5463parts)

U.N.S.C. Pillar of-Autumn II LOW4 (4599parts)

Scene Module Selection:

Autumn Bridge (8278parts)

Autumn CYRO Deck (7664parts)

Autumn Hanger Bay#2 (3516parts)

How to Run It

AG-1: Takeoff & Floting Engines

AG-2: Activate the propulsion engines, and the engines special effects will be automatically activted when the height over 50000m

AG-3: Open the side door of the second floor hangar

Brake: Braking and Thrust-reverse

Navball: Attitude Control

Special Thnks

HALO-The Master Chief Collection For interior reference.

@Hannah1212 and@JasonCaesarFor MFD picture loading functions

@TL0SR2 For Upgraded picture loading programmes and the after-released model processing.

@s5ehfr9 For ship-floating pid programme.

@Pedro16797 For many valuable advice and technology support.

@WarBox For joining the progress-lasting test.

@VF31J For joining the final test.

Author's comments:

Since the release of the UNSC INFINITY in the Spring Festival last year, I have started the construction of the Autumn class. From shell construction, internal structure evaluation, reference sampling, internal structure construction, to atmosphere design and research, and finally to the time of release, in our country's own calendar, Exactly after a year. In order to pay tribute to the story of this legendary warship and the story and feelings carried by the warship set in the new era, I will combine the two ship settings and bring them to you as my love and dedication to this game in the past year.
Thank you for your support! Great honor!—— InfinityTechnology 2.1.2022


  • Predecessor: A
  • Created On: Windows
  • Game Version: 0.9.802.0
  • Price: $331,790k
  • Number of Parts: 19343
  • Dimensions: 48 m x 40 m x 159 m


  • Total Delta V: 0m/s
  • Total Thrust: 83.0MN
  • Engines: 78
  • Wet Mass: 2.61E+5kg
  • Dry Mass: -436,544,192kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass


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