Fully playable color organ. Just open the AG panel and go nuts!

Note: highly recommended to play with 10x fast forward speed.

Check out my:


  • Created On: iOS
  • Game Version: 0.9.307.0
  • Price: $28,673k
  • Number of Parts: 117
  • Dimensions: 7 m x 26 m x 6 m


  • Total Delta V: 0m/s
  • Total Thrust: 0N
  • Engines: 8
  • Wet Mass: 1.27E+5kg
  • Dry Mass: 44,324kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass
1 8 0m/s 0N 0s 1.27E+5kg


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    12.0k Gozinya

    @AstronautPlanes haha, it's ok. Hope you had fun with it. Next up is automating some famous songs that have a limited octave range. Any requests :-)?

    2 months ago
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    13.7k Rafaele

    Why is this so underrated :c

    2 months ago
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    Maybe the rotators and their speed settings...

    2 months ago
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    12.0k Gozinya

    @CodeCaptain thanks! I know, right? If only more parts made variable frequency sounds. The jet engine was the only one I could find, but someone with a better ear than me could probably build on this.

    2 months ago
  • Profile image

    wow man. just wow. makes me wonder about guitars and drums. or a symphony of explosions.

    2 months ago

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