Auto Credit Based on LonelySpaceGuy's Jundurance (Mothership Only)

Craft CTTO

Helios Phoenix History

Helios Aerospace was a New Rival of NASA and Intercosmos for beating them to Mars using their Current Fuel, The Helium-3, which is the fuel that was spotted on the moon by both US and USSR, then Helios Won the Contract for Using the Helium-3, After the Polaris Incident, Helios Aerospace Director Dev Ayesa, Announces that they will Beat NASA and Intercosmos in the Race to Mars with a new type of Spacecraft, A Helium-Fueled Gravitational Spacecraft, Phoenix, which is the Sole Rival of Sojourner 1 and Mars-94


Phoenix was a Converted Spacecraft of Polaris Space Hotel as the Joint Mission with Polaris Travel Aerospace, and it was fueled with Helium-3 that are stacked on the Core Stage, and the craft has its own Artificial Gravity that are based on Von Braun's Ring Station, the craft has two Landers, the Martian Surface Access Module, one of them was nicknamed "Popeye", the craft would propell alot faster than Sojourner and Mars-94, but little did they know they will about to be beaten by them, using other methods that they dont have.

Other Crafts

MSAM "Popeye" Lander

Polaris Space Hotel (Phoenix's Command Ship)

All Love, Share and Credits goes to LonelySpaceGuy


  • Predecessor: Jundurance (Mothership Only)
  • Created On: Android
  • Game Version: 0.9.918.1
  • Price: $355,486k
  • Number of Parts: 697
  • Dimensions: 83 m x 54 m x 139 m


  • Total Delta V: 42.4km/s
  • Total Thrust: 38.2MN
  • Engines: 28
  • Wet Mass: 2.35E+6kg
  • Dry Mass: 4.54E+5kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass
1 16 42.4km/s 38.2MN 30.5m 2.35E+6kg


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