my first lander with a decent look, one thing is important, you'll need to rendezvous with a service module for the transfers (but you have 3000 ms in orbit + the landers delta v). I'll post the service module tomorrow :)

slider 1 ane AG as usual.


  • Created On: Android
  • Game Version: 0.9.704.0
  • Price: $84,253k
  • Number of Parts: 97
  • Dimensions: 46 m x 8 m x 8 m


  • Total Delta V: 10.1km/s
  • Total Thrust: 18.6MN
  • Engines: 13
  • Wet Mass: 7.34E+5kg
  • Dry Mass: 68,992kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass
1 6 3.6km/s 13.7MN 1.8m 7.34E+5kg
3 1 3.9km/s 4.3MN 84s 1.66E+5kg
6 4 2.5km/s 590kN 73s 25,136kg


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    The lander is very cool though

    +1 6 months ago
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    @BM94 the rocket, I know the the lander shouldn't be lol
    It's like a 95 degree cone
    I always make my vehicles pointy, idk why

    6 months ago
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    6,124 BM94

    @Freeskyaerospace i mean it is design for moons with no atmo, so the aerodynamics are not a priority xd

    6 months ago
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    Very aerodynamic 😂

    6 months ago


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