Auto Credit Based on BATAARManufacturing's NOMAD Class STOL - STRK/B

Bataar Interplanetary Manufacturing


Rev 3.


Introducing the latest in the long running NOMAD™ Class of STOL Combat Utility aircraft. The NOMAD™ has a longtime history of being a hardy workhorse within the far reaches of known space. the NOMAD™ Class has versatility in mind, making use of tried & tested methods of the past - Jet Engines. If a planet has an atmosphere, you can bet the NOMAD™ Class has been there, paving the way for private explorers & entrepreneurs to colonise the rim of human expansion. It's not just settlers in mind, with many mercenaries likening to the stock setup brimming with weapons - a byproduct of anxieties with colonizing the unknown.

With a takeoff speed of just short of 80m/s, and automated procedures to do so - the NOMAD™ Class has you covered.


The first model of the NOMAD™ Class wasn't intended to be mass-produced, having been manufactured during a crisis on the off-world of Bataar, an arid Desert Planet mostly inhabited by warring tribes. The various factions of this world had mostly descended from marooned explorers or shipwreck survivors, adding to the unique situation that gave birth to the NOMAD™ Class. It has been over 7 Centuries since the first models began to be produced following a standard pattern, and so the NOMAD™ Class was born. First utilised during the Desert Wars, it was a staple of military forces aligned to the temperate Northern regions of the planet. Long expeditions would have to be undertaken to assault key strongholds belonging to the various independent tribes.

Although within some Spheres of Influence, weapons do not come stock due to laws and regulations. this is the exception rather than the norm. The standard production model of the NOMAD™ Class (still produced on-planet) is outfitted with 3 x M-LAS vehicle-mounted Laser systems, and this is included within the cost. It proves more difficult to remove this offensive loadout, as the Electrical Systems of the NOMAD™ Class are based upon these Energy Weapobns, as projectile based munitions are far too expensive with resource scarcities in mind.

The NOMAD™ Class has internal room for 6 x Passengers, or 4 x Soldiers with Weapons. It is ill advised from the manufacturer, but many organisations have modified the airframe of the NOMAD™ to use the craft for Utility roles, such as Heavy Lifting (although never intended to perform VTOL functions, similar low-speed flight is possible with sharp piloting and patience)

Key Features & Instructions

  • AG1 will trigger a few programs, dependent on circumstances and modifiers (AG5 Y/N)

    • When Stationary: Automated Takeoff Process, with AG5

    • Cluster Bombs: When triggering AG9 an Automated process will initiate, you just have to keep the airframe horizontal (bombing yourself will void warranty)

  • AG10 Arming System

    • Will not allow the Arming System to be armed <5m AGL

    • Needs to be activated for any weapons to work, this prevents accidents

Notes ((OOC))

  • The Weapons are fully functional, seriously do not point them at anything you worked hard to do. The M-LAS systems have a larger visual damage radius than is visually recognizable, the M-LAS system is intended to be as energy efficient as possible and only shows a portion of its energy as visible light radiation.
  • This is not a VTOL
  • Most systems are Automated, & are executed via Part ID activation. There wasn't enough Action Groups. Doing anything that can change Part ID's will lead to this breaking, and it will be nearly impossible to figure out how to fix it.
  • If you modify this, add to this as this shouldn't have any bearing on the above. Removing parts would be the only issue.
  • There is no physical issue flying this in third-person, but it is strongly advised to use the FPV Camera part as a lot of features are visible within the cockpit, and some visual indicators for programs will not show on Action Groups (The Lights on the Right behind the Flight Stick)
  • Do not use the Automated Takeoff until you are pointed in the correct direction. Whatever direction you're facing when executing this Program will be the direction you perform the Takeoff Procedure. Please allow enough space to get to 70m/s for the Pitching process to begin
  • You can switch to the center payload once deployed, and it has gyro's and Jet Engines, using these you can strike at targets >100km away from launch (at height)


  • Predecessor: NOMAD Class STOL - STRK/B
  • Created On: Android
  • Game Version: 1.0.909.1
  • Price: $549,251k
  • Number of Parts: 432
  • Dimensions: 5 m x 22 m x 20 m


  • Total Delta V: 0m/s
  • Total Thrust: 12.2MN
  • Engines: 20
  • Wet Mass: 26,076kg
  • Dry Mass: 21,406kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass

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