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    why is there a capsule on the front when there's a cockpit already in?

    well since Sr2 physics is a dumbo, to make spaceflight possible, you need to have a space capsule mounted because they're programmed prebuilt physics in, not replying on an actual force physics on 3d environmental simulation. and since the cockpit isn't meant to be in space (except Anubis did, like wth how did you even do that?!) the aerodynamics in this game when on elevation are fukd up when I'm using a cockpit only so, when using the Patriot capsule (or what Ced and Ross Space agency calls it Orion Capsule because yes I can confirm that Patriot capsule is based on Orion and Jundroo wants to avoid lawsuit from NASA I guess so they named it Patriot to be "Patriotic" so yeah) the game thinks that it's going to be ok, because the simulation physics in this game doesn't rely on real time but only in a calculated factor, Use a Low end potato phone and install SR2, and I want you to make a biggest and coolest rocket ever, but start off with capsule for Aircrafts, with gyro and RCS, if you disable one of these when take off, you'll notice that the game takes 2fps to render to refresh mathematical physics in the caching alone.. so unlike kerbal, Sr2 is based on advanced calculation, not real time, except if your craft is small so the game will take that to real time physics instead..

    why is there and Ion engine there?

    design and I know ion is weaker, stop spamming on YouTube comments saying "you dumbo, ion engines is weak and why you put it there on that T H I C C space capsule?"

    who's that anime girl at the end..

    ruka from rent-a-girlfriend

    is update 0.9.700 is good

    god I wish.. it's too unstable AF

    what rocket would you name to transfer it?


    you still streaming on Twitch?

    no but I have Twitch account


    here's my friend's discord instead, my own discord server is fked


    shoutout for someone who stayed with me!

    Pinned one month ago

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