• Planet Studio for PC/Mac
  • Added 20 new celestial bodies:

    • Completely redesigned Droo, Cylero, Luna, Tydos, Urados, and Juno

    • Added two new planets: Vulco and Sergeaa

    • Added eleven new moons

    • Added one new comet

  • Added new runways, buildings, and launchpad.
  • Added new gauge part.
  • Added new launch steam visual effects.
  • Added Screen Space Ambient Occlusion.
  • Atmospheres now render in the main menu, map-view, and planet studio.
  • Allow targeting launch sites during flight


  • Fixed a bug where the Resolution % setting had a compounding effect that diminished the resolution with every Apply with no way to restore it without restarting the game.
  • Added curvature support for the label part.
  • Added font type support for the label part.
  • Added outline support to the label part.
  • Added color gradient support to the label part.
  • Added cheat code to teleport to a planet at the specified coordinates: tp PlanetName Lat Lon AGL
  • Added cheat code to teleport upwards. For example "tpup 1000" will teleport upwards 1000m.
  • No-longer increasing atmosphere transparency as you move away from the planet.
  • Added spinner to change the current planet being used to generate performance data in the Performance Analyzer in the designer.
  • Improved water lighting at dusk/night when reflections are enabled.
  • Updated shaders to remove effect which added a colored "haze" based upon the camera/light direction. This was added to make dusk/dawn a more vibrant, but it also causes everything to be washed out to some degree.
  • Double clicking an item in the list view or pressing enter will select and close the dialog. CTRL+F focuses the search box. Up and down arrows change currently selected item.
  • Disable under-water visuals by default.
  • Clarified tootlip on Physics Load Distance to indicate that it can cause instability and jittering in crafts loaded far away from the active craft.
  • Added time-based functions to input controller expressions
  • Added 14-Segment font for label part
  • New gauge colors and slots added to custom and default themes.
  • Fixed issue which caused large fps drop, and memory allocations when warping higher speeds.
  • Allow loading crafts with physics in at distances greater than 10km. This is highly ill-advised and can cause crafts to jitter and spontaneously disassemble. Therefore the user must manually edit their Settings.xml file to increase the physicsDistance attribute of the Physics tag.
  • Cap max ambient pressure and temperature used in jet engines to prevent insane forces on planets with high air density.
  • Cap air density to 5 used in wing physics calculations to prevent over-oscillating to ludicrous forces.
  • Reduce jet engine inlet efficiency when above Mach 1.
  • Overhauled the way cubemaps are managed. This should reduce some lag spikes in SOI transitions and can drastically reduce the amount of RAM used for large systems.
  • Performance improvement for orbit lines in map view.
  • Added xml-only quality settings for min/max subdivision level bias. These values are added to a planet's min/max subdivision level settings to determine the actual values used at runtime. These can have very serious impacts to performance and memory, so we don't recommend messing with them unless you know what you are doing and understand the consequences.
  • Sun cubemaps now work in map view and Planet Studio
  • Extended the range at which craft switching (without reloading the scene) is allowed.
  • In the designer, show TWR with respect to the planet selected in the performance analyzer window.
  • Removed engine specific TWR from jet and rocket engine inspector windows.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix curve editor zoom scale on rectangular things.
  • Fixed some light color inconsistencies between scaled space and quad sphere terrain.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an exception when creating a thumbnail for a texture with a height of 1 pixel.
  • Fixed a bug where the celestial database would not refresh if the download failed.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the terrain generator.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause exceptions if the search panel was open in the map view when the flight scene was exited.
  • Fixed a bug where the craft's orbit would rapidly decay when orbiting close to the surface of a celestial body with no atmosphere. It still decays, but at a tremendously slower rate.
  • Updated the "Scaled UV Size Per Face" tooltip in planet studio to indicate that it impacts both terrain and water.
  • Fixed the DebugVisualize planet modifier from breaking planet studio if the min and max values were equal.
  • Higher level LOD atmospheres in scaled space now stick around longer than before to help prevent the single pixel atmosphere from looking so bad.
  • Fixed a bug where mirrored labels didn't update when changing parameters.
  • Improved stability of orbits in crafts that are spinning rapidly.
  • Fixed the skybox from fading in and out in map view
  • Fixed a bug in map view where burn nodes' Enter SOI label would not show up properly in the inspector panel when cycling between nodes.
  • Fixed an exception thrown when the part inspector was open for a part that unloads from the game view after being disconnected.
  • Fixed a bug where orbit lines would not render if the player was in a canyon and their altitude was below the radius of the planet.
  • Possibly fixed a bug with craft part textures randomly failing after loading mods with new craft part textures.
  • Fixed rendering issue which would result in inaccurate specular highlights, which would be most noticeable as banding on the runway.
  • Fixed rendering issue which would result in inaccurate specular highlights, which would be most noticeable as banding on the runway.
  • Fixed a bug where planets with modified sphere of influences would not work properly.
    *-beta Ambient occlusion and MSAA no longer create a line across the screen in water viewed at a distance. ? #bug-beta Ambient occlusion and MSAA should now result in fewer 'craft outline' artifacts when viewing the craft in front of water.
  • Fixed a bug where terrain physics would not load when the craft altitude is greater than 20km above sea level.
  • Fixed a bug where the flight tutorial could fail if the player's altitude was too low when activating the second stage.
  • Fixed issue where StructureMapOrbitNodes in MapView (aka launch sites) don't update as time advances.
  • Fixed bug where parts of gauges would appear far from the craft in menu preview.

Planet Studio

  • Added a brush flyout used for painting continental-sized features onto the terrain for celestial bodies that are configured to support it.
  • Added button to launch from planet studio directly into flight scene at the camera's current position.
  • Added camera control support with WASD/IJKL keys to planetary system viewer.
  • Added a camera rotational movement speed setting to the celestial body inspector panel.
  • Added a fresnel bias setting the the celestial body properties flyout. ? This also moves the fresnel bias setting from the terrain/water modifiers to the terrain shader data, however the old modifier settings should still work, overriding the new global setting.
  • Added support for boundable game inputs to Planet Studio.
  • Added a 'Rings' flyout to add/remove/edit the ring system of a celestial body.
  • Added Help dialog to Planet Studio.
  • Added a flyout to view and search the list of planets in the system. The list also reports which planets have been uploaded.
  • Added Edit button to inspector panel in Planetary System Designer to allow jumping straight to the Celestial Body Designer to edit/view a planet.
  • Added controls to set planet's initial rotation and angular velocity in the planetary system designer.
  • Added a dev console command (PlanetStudio_ToggleTerrainGenerationAdvancedSettings) to toggle the display of advanced settings on/off in the terrain generation modifier inspector window. Moved the 'Visible in Basic View' setting to advanced settings. Added the 'Enabled With Symbols' and Disabled With Symbols' settings to the advanced settings group.
  • You can now double-click to focus in Planet Studio, which will then allow you to orbit with the mouse and zoom with the mouse wheel.
  • Added UI to display profiler performance data in Terrain Generation flyout.
  • Added ability to create a new planetary system.
  • Enhanced Planet Objects flyout to allow adding sub-structures to build a hierarchy of objects that are loaded with the structure
  • Added several new objects to the Add Structure dialog
  • Added Use Smooth Step option to Radial Flatten modifier.
  • Track if a planetary system has unsaved changes and prompt the user before exiting or loading another planet or system.
  • Track if a planet has unsaved changes and prompt the user before exiting or loading a different planet that they will lose unsaved changes.
  • Added option to enable radial flattening around a structure in the Planet Objects flyout. This creates and manages a Radial Flatten planet modifier when enabled.
  • Changed angular velocity to be hours per revolution (ie - day) to make it a little more intuitive for players.
  • Expanded planet objects list to take up full vertical space of planet objects flyout. Object details are now shown in a floating inspector panel.
  • Ensure planet rotation (and therefore lighting) is the same when entering a test flight from planet studio.
  • Added Snap to Structure button for launch locations to snap them to the collider of a structure or sub-structure below them.
  • The orbit color of planets can now be changed in Planetary System Designer.
  • Add launch locations added during a test flight to the planet's list of launch locations.
  • Auto-select sub-structures when added or cloned.
  • When double clicking on a structure in Planet Studio, the Planet Objects tree view now automatically scrolls to the object.
  • Switched middle mouse button to rotate view and right mouse button to pan view.
  • Added spotlight sub-structure. Supports color and light intensity is set based on the z-component of the sub-structure's local scale.
  • Allow adding sub-structures to structures that support scale, rotation, and position offsets from their parent.
  • Allow double clicking on structure in view to select it in Planet Objects flyout.
  • Added scale to structure nodes.
  • Added a 'Masked Distance' return type option for cellular noise. Only Pedro knows what it does.
  • Quadsphere activation/transition distances now have an 'Auto' toggle option
  • Improved Planet Objects flyout and added drag/drop functionality and clone button for sub-structures.
  • Added rotation support for the GetPosition planet modifier
  • When a planet modifier throws an exception in planet studio, an error dialog will now be displayed with the name of the modifier responsible.
  • Added a 'Flatten' modifier that can be used to set the elevation of the terrain and masked based off a data input value.
  • Fixed a bug where templates from the previous version of Planet Studio would be visible in the Create Planet dialog with gray planet icons.
  • Changed Add Structure to be a simple input dialog that creates an empty structure.
  • Sub-structures are now intended to provide details to structure nodes.
  • Fixed a bug where a Biome with a SingleSubBiome would not showing up in the Biomes Flyout.
  • Unlock camera from focus target when Recenter Camera button button is clicked.
  • Fixed bug where you could not replace the Sun in the solar system designer.
  • Fixed a bug where the move tool gizmo position would become incorrect when rotating the planet.
  • Fixed bug in PlanetStudio where planet rotation would not update as time progresses.
  • Fixed issue where orbit lines could sometimes render incorrectly.


  • Added "Is Player" property to craft expression. Fixed incorrect tooltip stating that blank craft name would return the player craft. It actually returns the craft that is running the program.
  • Added Structures expression to get the names of structures on a planet.
  • Fixed bug with friendly expression where it would display mass incorrectly.

53 Items

283 Planet Builder
165 Ability to target launch site/runway/landing pads
138 More Planets, Dwarf planets and Moons!
38 Sun Visible through terrain
35 Runway is missing
33 Even further physics range.
21 Structure icons not moving and planet rendering strangely
17 Saved launch locations are lost when returning to main menu
16 Designer gizmo lines not in correct position
14 Orbits slowly drift out of place
10 craft ID of (blank) does not return player's craft
9 No text on any of the menus
9 EVA without a Cockpit
8 FPS drops when waves are enabled
8 Customizable exit points for astronauts
8 No solid surface on Orcus
5 Activation groups reset when droods eva
4 Astronaut attatchment node is unnamed
4 MFD Map Zoom sb Value, not Boolean
4 Anti aliasing and ambient occlusion
3 Planet atmosphere and terrain dissapear with large planets
3 Visual Artifacting when above water
3 floaty building
3 Really weird droo visual bug
3 resolution slider only gets worse
3 Terrain texture drops in first person time warp
3 you can see stars through niobe
2 Cannot select structure nodes
2 Disappearing Camera
2 Levitating astronaut
2 A strange problem
2 Angular velocity doesn't work in solar systems
2 terrain issues
2 Replacing the central celestial body with other stars in PlanetStudio will make the planetary system unable to be preserved.
1 Astronaut sounds in main menu
1 Gauge part tends to go waay too far in main screen
1 Craft explodes when trying to land on Orcus
1 Surface speed erratic while approaching surface
1 Entering Jastrus' SOI causes a MissingReferenceException
1 Shadow on the launch pad is off
1 Planetary system does not load when it contains multiple references to the same planet.
1 patriot capsule doesnt size with mirror
0 cant land on new planet
0 Angular momentum affects orbits
0 Camera vantage makes the MFD unusable
0 MFD picture not scaling
0 Messed orbit lines
0 Lift vectors Not near wing
0 Landing pad
0 No tethering surface on droneships.
0 Cannot Open the door


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