• Planet Studio.
  • Added new gauge part.
  • Added Screen Space Ambient Occlusion.


  • Fixed a bug where the Resolution % setting had a compounding effect that diminished the resolution with every Apply with no way to restore it without restarting the game.
  • Added curvature support for the label part.
  • Added font type support for the label part.
  • Added outline support to the label part.
  • Added color gradient support to the label part.
  • Added cheat code to teleport to a planet at the specified coordinates: tp PlanetName Lat Lon AGL
  • Added cheat code to teleport upwards. For example "tpup 1000" will teleport upwards 1000m.
  • No-longer increasing atmosphere transparency as you move away from the planet.
  • Added spinner to change the current planet being used to generate performance data in the Performance Analyzer in the designer.
  • Improved water lighting at dusk/night when reflections are enabled.
  • Updated shaders to remove effect which added a colored "haze" based upon the camera/light direction. This was added to make dusk/dawn a more vibrant, but it also causes everything to be washed out to some degree.
  • Double clicking an item in the list view or pressing enter will select and close the dialog. CTRL+F focuses the search box. Up and down arrows change currently selected item.
  • Disable under-water visuals by default.
  • Clarified tootlip on Physics Load Distance to indicate that it can cause instability and jittering in crafts loaded far away from the active craft.
  • Added time-based functions to input controller expressions


  • Fix curve editor zoom scale on rectangular things.
  • Fixed some light color inconsistencies between scaled space and quad sphere terrain.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an exception when creating a thumbnail for a texture with a height of 1 pixel.
  • Fixed a bug where the celestial database would not refresh if the download failed.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the terrain generator.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause exceptions if the search panel was open in the map view when the flight scene was exited.
  • Fixed a bug where the craft's orbit would rapidly decay when orbiting close to the surface of a celestial body with no atmosphere. It still decays, but at a tremendously slower rate.
  • Updated the "Scaled UV Size Per Face" tooltip in planet studio to indicate that it impacts both terrain and water.
  • Fixed the DebugVisualize planet modifier from breaking planet studio if the min and max values were equal.
  • Higher level LOD atmospheres in scaled space now stick around longer than before to help prevent the single pixel atmosphere from looking so bad.

Planet Studio


  • Added a brush flyout used for painting continental-sized features onto the terrain for celestial bodies that are configured to support it.
  • Added button to launch from planet studio directly into flight scene at the camera's current position.
  • Added camera control support with WASD/IJKL keys to planetary system viewer.
  • Added a camera rotational movement speed setting to the celestial body inspector panel.
  • Added a fresnel bias setting the the celestial body properties flyout. ? This also moves the fresnel bias setting from the terrain/water modifiers to the terrain shader data, however the old modifier settings should still work, overriding the new global setting.
  • Added support for boundable game inputs to Planet Studio.
  • Added a 'Rings' flyout to add/remove/edit the ring system of a celestial body.
  • Added Help dialog to Planet Studio.
  • Added a flyout to view and search the list of planets in the system. The list also reports which planets have been uploaded.
  • Added Edit button to inspector panel in Planetary System Designer to allow jumping straight to the Celestial Body Designer to edit/view a planet.
  • Added controls to set planet's initial rotation and angular velocity in the planetary system designer.
  • Added a dev console command (PlanetStudio_ToggleTerrainGenerationAdvancedSettings) to toggle the display of advanced settings on/off in the terrain generation modifier inspector window. Moved the 'Visible in Basic View' setting to advanced settings. Added the 'Enabled With Symbols' and Disabled With Symbols' settings to the advanced settings group.
  • You can now double-click to focus in Planet Studio, which will then allow you to orbit with the mouse and zoom with the mouse wheel.
  • Added UI to display profiler performance data in Terrain Generation flyout.
  • Added ability to create a new planetary system.


  • Moved buttons to top of Noise Flyout.
  • Added toggle to enable scaled space view. Removed Rebuild Full button. Only rebuild fully when scaled space is enabled.
  • Added a new Terraces planet modifier and hid the previous one from the UI.
  • Updated the PolarCapMask modifier to support rotations.
  • Updated the LongitudeLines modifier to support rotations.
  • Tweaked the atmosphere visuals of the celestial body properties flyout to always show some terrain related visual settings that do not require an atmosphere.
  • Added an 'Axial Twist' domain warping type to the 'Longitude Lines' modifier.
  • Added an 'Axial Twist' domain warping type to the noise modifier.
  • Auto update surface gravity when radius changes.
  • Allow reordering sub-biomes in the Biomes flyout.
  • Added confirm dialog to Cancel button in the Curve Editor.
  • Moved Performance group to bottom of Celestial Body Inspector window and it is not expanded by default.
  • Added mean gamma to the atmosphere physics properties
  • Added support for adding/removing/renaming biomes on the Biomes flyout
  • Added support for adding/removing sub-biomes on the biomes flyout.
  • Added support for Lock Seed and Sync ID to Craters Fast and Craters terrain modifiers.
  • Added slider to increase atmosphere height.
  • Added button to delete an element in a list in the noise flyout inspector panel.
  • Allow user to change selected craft in Planet Studio.
  • Added option to allow fading of the skybox during the day (default), or to allow the skybox to stay at full strength during the day.
  • Atmosphere shaders now have the ability to set max color values to control bloom.
  • Adding a structure or launch location now adds it at the camera's current position.


  • Fixed a bug in planet studio where the underwater effects were not taking into account the sea level setting.
  • fixed a bug where Debug Visualize would not correctly update its data input in the data visualization when added.
  • Fixed a bug where data flow visualization would become misaligned when deleting an element.
  • Fixed a bug where modifying the texture index of a biome in the Noise Flyout would cause an error in the Biome Flyout.
  • Fixed a bug where the automatic terrain quality setting would not be saved with the planet.
  • Fixed a bug with an uninitialized map color gradient in the vertex data noise modifier breaking everything (null-ref when saving planet XML).
  • Fixed a bug where the decelerate movement key (Left Control) was not being applied to some of the rotational movements.
  • Fixed a bug with the incorrect display of slope angles in the biomes flyout in planet studio.
  • Fixed bug in planet studio that prevented you from cloning a system unless that system was already loaded.
  • Fixed bug in planet studio where after removing a planet, and error would occur when trying to save the planetary system.
  • Fixed a bug in planet studio where using two different textures with the same 'friendly' name would break planet studio and throw errors every frame.
  • Fixed a bug in the Craters planet modifier in which no output data was set (resulting in garbage data) when the modifier was fully masked out with the mask input.
  • Fixed bug where lerping of scale-depth didn't work in the sky.
  • Fixed issue where the ScaleDeptAuto flag may not get updated correctly.
  • Fixed issue where Lerp Scale Depth did not work properly when "Both" is selected.
  • Fixed a bug where the planet preview would still be visible after canceling the Load Celestial Body dialog.
  • Fixed a bug where the planet's atmosphere would not render correctly after closing the Load Celestial Body dialog.
  • Fixed a bug with the Craters modifier in which the crater noise output was not visible and defaulting to data slot 0.
  • Fixed a bug in the Craters 2 (CratersFast) modifier where the minimum noise output data value was not scaled based on the mask input value. Note, this can impact existing terrain that uses this modifier with both the mask input and the minimum noise output value.
  • Fixed bug where water shader didn't respect the new MaxColorValue option.
  • Fixed an issue where the Domain Warping was nested under Planet Brush Map in the Vertex Data Noise inspector.
  • Fixed a bug where surface velocity was calculated incorrectly for planets with a positive angular velocity.
  • Fixed bug with extreme craft terrain impact velocity comparison. Probably won't be noticeable, ever that this fixed anything.
  • Fixes for Wasp stock craft.
  • Fixed a bug where the player craft would be deleted if it was below the radius of the planet when entering warp (and not grounded).
  • Increased the far clip plane of the far camera in planet studio to better handle large celestial bodies such as suns.
  • Added a commented version of the MFD Default program to the game so it can be loaded and tweaked


  • Allow rearranging items in arrays in inspector panel used in Noise flyout.
  • Remember collapsed states of groups when rebuilding an inspector panel after adding/removing to an array or selecting an option from a dropdown.
  • Remember scroll offset when adding/removing/rebuilding terrain modifier inspector.
  • Removed hierarchy attribute from Biomes tag.
  • Removed Surface Lock Altitude. Now surface lock is only engaged when a craft has triggered physics quads to load.
  • Fixed a bug where waterConfig.WaveLength of 0 would cause errors to spam the console.

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