• Animated waves with physics
  • Added Part transparency
  • New space capsules

    • Space Capsule - Visual overhaul of previous Command Pod

    • Komodo Capsule - Sleek capsule which includes a small amount of fuel and built-in engines. Includes a neat rotating nose cone.

    • Patriot Capsule - Space capsule that has a bit more leg room than the alternatives. Great capsule if you love your country and if you have the money.

    • Vroz Space Capsule - Soyuz inspired space capsule.

    • Vroz Orbital Module - Spherical space capsulse that fits quite nicely on top of the Vroz Descent Module in case you want to bring more people into space.

  • Cockpit with glass canopy
  • Label part
  • Added MFD part
  • Other planets should now be visible through the atmosphere of the current planet during the day.
  • Added ability to zoom the camera when in first person view with the astronaut.
  • Added a physics distance quality setting.
  • Added Occlusion spinner to Tinker Panel to allow specifying that a part should never be occluded, always be occluded, or automatically calculate its occlusion state (the default setting).


  • Reworked the way terrain physics are loaded. The new approach should be better optimized and more importantly, it should prevent craft from falling through the terrain in some cases.
  • Planets in flight and map view now have geometry resembling their shape rather than showing up as perfect spheres.
  • Better LOD logic to reduce polygon count of distant planets in flight and map view.
  • The sun flare now fades out when the camera goes underwater.
  • Command pods now have an option to automatically default to the suggested pilot orientation whenever the part is rotated.
  • Added Customize button for stock themes to allow copying them to the Custom theme.
  • Changed default fuselage radius to 1m
  • Reorganized part list into new categories: Command, Control, Structure, Propulsion, and Electronics.
  • Added some crash detection logic and crash-loop prevention when starting the game.
  • Large GPU optimization when image effects are enabled and the water exit effect is not active.
  • Added water quality setting options to disable underwater blur, underwater distortion, and the water exit effect.
  • New space capsules support surface attachment
  • Added transparency to part shape tool outline


  • Fixed null-ref bug which occurred when deleting a control surface on a wing, and then attaching anything to that wing.
  • Transparent water should no longer show water foam outlines around craft parts that are above water.
  • Fixed bug causing parachutes to generate a lot of drag when closing/opening.
  • Fixed a bug that, when a part is excluded from drag, it would not render part selections or reentry effects appropriately.
  • The GetConstant planet modifier now supports floats as intended.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause launch pads and runways to be incorrectly rotated for non-stock planetary systems.
  • Fixed bug which could result in MapView becoming unresponsive after certain crafts activate stages.
  • Fixed a rendering bug with distant non-atmosphere planets which could cause incorrect specular highlighting.
  • Fixed issue where parachutes could apply unusual forces while under-water.
  • Fixed a bug where distance was not reported correctly for distances over 100Gm.
  • Fixed a bug with water foam not rendering correctly at shorelines
  • Fixed bug which would cause the astronaut to be positioned incorrectly when entering a crew-compartment.
  • Fixed bug where parts can excessively spin on top of the water. Also fixes an issue where if you enter the water, but never go back to the surface, angular drag wouldn't be increased.
  • Improved consistency of changes made to corner radius sliders in the part shape tool panel.
  • Fixed null-ref which would occur if an astronaut got into a chair which is attached to a craft with no command pod/chip.
  • Fixed bug where you could no-longer move the camera in FPS view on mobile w/the astronaut, or with the camera part.
  • Fixed bug where the FPS camera for the astronaut appears inside the body when the astronaut is in a chair and the chair is destroyed.
  • Fixed bug where you could no-longer delete crafts in MapView
  • Fixed bug where if an astronaut exits a crew-compartment/chair and ends up partially/fully inside a craft part, it can become unresponsive and walk around on their head forever after.
  • Fixed bug where an undo step would be created every time a command pod's part properties window opened.
  • Fixed a bug where the main menu could become unresponsive if the Load Game dialog was closed very quickly after opening.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed fuselage parts to be scaled to 0 in width or depth dimension would made it unable to get selected in the designer.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an error if a command pod was synchronizing activation groups with another command pod with less activation groups.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the craft to disengage a lock on velocity prograde (or any indicator) immediately after the player selects it.
  • Fixed a bug where the CoM of a part would always be at its origin during flight. This can potentially affect existing crafts.


  • Added several instructions and expressions for creating and working with UI widgets on a Multi-function Display part.
  • Added instruction to pop an input dialog to get text input from the user and store that in a global variable.
  • Added instruction to play a beep sound at a specific pitch.
  • Allow changing the name of a for instruction's iterator variable by tapping on it, which makes it easier to support nested for instructions.
  • Added "Lock Heading on Vector" instruction. Added tooltips to "Lock Heading" dropdown list.
  • Added support for broadcasting lists.
  • Added scale vector operation.
  • Added friendly expression to easily format a number of a specified SI unit to a user friendly string.
  • Allow two component vector strings (ie - "1,2") to be parsed and cast to a Vector3.
  • Allow Vizzy to set roll input while heading is locked.
  • Added Dry Mass and Fuel Mass properties to craft performance expression.
  • Fixed a bug where custom instructions/expressions might not import correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where log messages were not correctly displayed when output to the Dev Console.
  • Fixed a bug where when dropping a block in the trash can might insert it into the program at that location instead of deleting the block.
  • Fixed a bug where a variable might not evaluate to a vector correctly in the Change Variable Instruction and Binary Operator expression.
  • Fixed a bug where Vizzy would would not consider the altitude before setting the time warp mode, allowing crafts to enter a time warp mode that was not appropriate for their altitude.
  • Fixed a bug that caused custom expression parameters to be deleted/renamed when a global variable of the same name was deleted/renamed.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Vizzy programs to break when a craft is reloaded in the flight scene.
  • Fixed a bug where creating a list variable from another list variable would cause both list variables to share and modify the same underlying list data. They no longer share list data, so each list only modifies its own, separate data. This might be a breaking change if any programs were relying on multiple list variables to modify the same data.
  • Fixed a bug where -1 was returned when requesting the ID of the player's craft.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed setting craft inputs to values outside of -1 to +1.
  • Periapsis now returns 0 instead of NaN when the orbit has no periapsis.



  • Terrain/Water now support HDR colors, smoothness, metallicness, and emissiveness
  • Added a water flyout to planet studio with many water related settings
  • Added planet studio support for changing water reflection/transparency/foam/texture strength, transparency depth scale, and wave amplitude scale per biome.
  • Added Noise flyout
  • Added subtitles to Sub Biomes in the Biomes Flyout to display the calculated range.
  • Added Start text input to define the starting point for the first sub-biome.
  • Changed Size from a slider to a text input.
  • Automatically add a planet's launch locations when adding or replacing a planet in the Planetary System Designer.
  • Moved the celestial body designer's info text panel and build buttons into a movable and collapsible inspector window.
  • Added some performance info to the celestial body designer inspector
  • Allow clicking on a slider's value to open the input dialog and manually enter the value.
  • Added terrain quality in celestial body properties.
  • Added view for the equirectangular map.
  • Support for biome-based water colors
  • Allow rotating the previewed object by clicking and dragging in the List View. This applies to both load celestial body, resume flight, and load craft.
  • Added support for previewing planets from Load Celestial Body list view.
  • Added support for underwater effects in planet studio
  • Added planet studio HDR color picker support for terrain biomes and underwater colors
  • Resetting the texture tiling in planet studio now attempts to scale the tiling based on planet radius
  • Updated the TextureData2 planet modifier to always set a value to the output, even if no texture is applied to a position (value of zero in that case) and values are now accumulated when multiple textures within a single modifier overlap. This is likely a breaking change for any celestial bodies TextureData2 modifier.
  • Added ability to scale the size of the atmosphere beyond the default 2.5% larger than the planet's radius via XML.


  • Fixed a bug where system launch locations would not update when deleting a planet while the system launch locations flyout was open.
  • fixed a bug where planetary system level launch locations for a body were not removed when the body was removed from the system.
  • Fixed a bug where the color picker would reset alpha to 255 in HSV mode.
  • Fixed a bug where the color box would appear to be invisible in the biomes flyout.
  • Fixed bug in Solar System designer where removing a planet would result in a "duplicate" error when saving the system.
  • Fixed bug where launch locations were not being obtained properly in PlanetStudio.
  • Added button to reset a planet's SOI to its default value.
  • Fixed a bug where numeric input might not respect min and max values.
  • Fixed bug where replacing a planet would result in child planets not being saved correctly.
  • Resize dropdown text label to prevent it from overflowing.
  • Fixed incorrect display of ranges for a value based sub-biome on the biomes flyout.
  • Fixed null ref when viewing terrain textures flyout for a planet with invalid texture assignments.
  • Fixed a bug in the biomes flyout if there were no terrain textures defined for the planet.
  • Fixed a bug I recently introduced that could cause normal maps to attempt to load for planets that don't support normal maps (ie - Juno).
  • Fixed a bug with the menu planet that could cause it to be rendered too large if it had a large rang between min ASL and max ASL.
  • Fixed some numeric inputs in planet studio appearing to lose precision and show long strings of decimal digits.

38 Items

136 More command pod variety and options for customization
54 Waves
43 Collaborative mod posts
31 Option to force wings to be included in the aero model regardless of occlusion
21 Part shape tool outline needs to have transparency
12 Parachutes Broken
7 White outline on dark parts
5 You can see the sun while under water
5 Emmision Colours Only Glow in Sunlight
5 Craft on ground falls through terrain
5 Vizzy cannot roll when heading is locked
4 Water Effects on land
4 Can't Switch to craft
4 Droods bugs in 0.9.501 (mobile)
4 Astronauts bugged
3 Possible Memory Leak in Designer
3 The Craft ID is a lie. Vizzy expression to get current craft id doesn't work.
3 Mirroring disappears
3 Smoothness and metallicness for water
3 Vizzy list BUG
2 Astronaut position not updated when exiting seat without enough clearance, causing it to walk upside down
2 Crafts levitate while AGL shows a negative value after colliding with the water at high speeds
2 Distance to Target is Incorrect for Large Values
2 Can't enter flight when MFD is set to Basic Info
1 Mod Tools package fails to install (0.9.500)
1 Vizzy - Can't pass a list using broadcast
1 Cargo bay no depth,
1 Changing to a monitor with a different aspect ratio makes buttons unclickable
1 In the PlanetStudio I cannot edit the hightlands color of Luna
0 Add an option to adjust physics range
0 Attempting to lock heading to prograde or retrograde locks it to current instead
0 Designer gets loaded when trying to launch
0 cockpit not snapping properly
0 Display Flicker
0 Throttle and Break is broken when controlled by vizzy program
0 Custom expression parameter deletes with variable
0 Bug in title screen
0 Display bot show


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