1.2 Update

For the modders, we updated the Unity version to 2022.3.7f1


  • Overhauled the Rocket Engine exhausts

    • Wobbly flames, especially at lower throttles

    • More realistic vacuum expansion, and allowed for more extreme expansions

    • Improved exhaust texture, with two frequencies that are mixed depending on the conditions

    • Simplified particle system resulting in a performance boost while improving visuals

    • Color gradients towards the tip of the flame and towards lower throttles

    • Enhanced colorable mach diamonds and overexpanded geometry

    • Proper flow shape on aerospikes

    • Rim shading and better support for low opacity flames

    • Proper smoke size on expanded flames

    • Updated values for all the stock fuels

    • Tons of parameters to customize the exhausts both in propulsion.xml and the hidden properties, including all customizable colors, nozzle soot, clamping the expansion range and more

  • Overhauled the procedural wings

    • Automatic wing tip thickness to achieve more realistic wing profiles

    • Curved leading edge with presets for all the stock airfoil types

    • Hidden properties to customize how flat the wing is, the curvature of the leading edge and more

    • Increased the granularity of the control surface size gizmo at the cost of a reduced max size

    • Added more material trims to the enhanced wings

  • Visual improvements

    • Added an ultra setting to the atmospheres that reduces the jaggedness of their edges

    • Improved the quality of the Scaled Spaces by including cliff colors at the cost of some extra generation time in Very High and above settings

    • Added a slider to the shadow settings to select between high resolution on closeups or a larger shadow distance

  • Added a hidden property to change the wall thickness of hollow parts (inlets, fairings, interstages and cargo bays)
  • Added mouse as joystick, which can be toggled by assigning a button in Flight Craft controls


  • Updated the game's icon to match the new logo
  • Some fixes and tweaks to the stock system

    • Added custom navball colors to all celestial bodies

    • Given back the landmark to the droneship so it can be selected in Sandbox

    • Fixed lava colors so they don't cause excessive anamorphic flares

    • Added bioluminescent algae on some islands in Nebra

    • Various tweaks to improve support for the Parallax mod

  • Improvements to Custom Careers

    • Added support for a solarSystemId attribute in Career.xml so custom careers can uses non-stock systems

    • Added support for the "optional" attribute on <Item> tags in the TechTree.xml, allowing support for optionally including modded parts in the tech tree

    • Added a parameter to define a maximum mass per launch location in career mode

  • Improvements to the limb manipulation

    • Added a slider to control whether droods on chairs should always look forwards

    • Enhanced the ergonomics of the leg Drood puppeteering to allow for more natural sitting positions in custom cockpits

  • Allowed camera parts and first person views to get much closer to the ground
  • Moved the planetary custom navball colour setting to the system xml
  • Hidden the toggle button on the inspector panel of engines that don't support deactivation once they are activated
  • Tweaked the power output of solar panels so extreme coldness lowers their efficiencies and slightly reduced their performance cost

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with custom quad data where the terrain cache data was returned to the pool prior to the custom quad data being updated, resulting in garbage data showing up in custom quad data values
  • Fixed an error in the slip that could sometimes happen to propellers
  • Fixed a bug causing the coordinate formatter to always set longitudes to West
  • Fixed a bug causing the gizmos on the tip of the wing to sometimes snap the chord length of the tip of the wing to 0
  • Fixed a bug that could cause mod builds and some Planet Studio files to retain garbage, resulting in larger files and potential corruptions

1.2.101 Patch


  • Improved the propeller sound so when it is at zero pitch it doesn't go silent
  • Various tweaks and improvements on rocket engine smoke particles

    • Tweaked the way rocket engine smoke fades in and out

    • Made rocket engines produce more smoke when underwater

    • Exposed the smoke color to propulsions.xml so it can be defined per fuel, and updated the stock smoke colors

    • Optimised the process that ensures particles are in the right position when the scene origin is floated

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing the pilot snap not to work
  • Ensure the ultra atmosphere is always applied
  • Ensure mirrored wings have the same top/bottom material trims
  • Improved how the wing auto-invert is determined

1.2.102 Patch


  • Added an Image Effects setting to select different tonemappings
  • Added two more variants of the Cargo Bay, one that is thin all around and another that has the flat bottom on the door instead of the base
  • Added an option to make the landing gear bay narrower on single wheeled variants

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the trailing edge color on inverted wings being assigned to the wrong trim
  • Simplified and improved the logic controlling the wing tip thickness
  • Fixed a scaling error in the thermal efficiency of solar panels

1.2.103 Patch


  • Added a no doors variant of the thin cargo bay


  • Added new default control binds

    • Assigned T as an alternative key to lock heading by default

    • Assigned H to toggle mouse joystick and Y to swap Roll/Yaw by default

    • Assigned G to AG8 (landing gears) and R to AG10 (RCS) by default

    • Assigned the IJKLUO keys to translation by default

  • Tweaked the colors of the solid and kerolox exhausts
  • Added a debug attribute to TechTree.xml that prevents error logs when not set to true

Bug Fixes

  • Assign proper textures to the interior of the new cargo bays
  • Fixed a bug causing new cargo bays to have their x and z offsets flipped and no colliders in the doors
  • Fixed a bug causing mirrored wings to get the primary material all around instead of just at the top
  • Fixed the engine smoke size being twice as large as it should with expansion

1.2.105 Patch

Bug Fixes

  • Added a workaround to a Unity bug that prevented zooming and the 3 tap bind from working in flight on Android devices
  • Improved the looks of the icon on all the different Android versions
  • Fixed a typo in Exploration.xml that caused one of the landmarks on Sergeaa to be at the wrong latitude
  • Consider a contract failed if the player has recovered a necessary payload before completing it
  • Fixed a bug where adding a burn node at the ascending/descending node to target was swapped
  • Fixed an error in the shape of the door collider for the inverted cargo bay
  • Fixed an error in the placement of the smoke particles in rocket engines

1.2.106 Patch

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing physics disabled wings to break

1.2.107 Patch

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed adaptive android icons lacking the correct padding
  • Fixed a bug causing fins to lack the new material trims
  • Fixed a bug causing contracts trying to spawn crafts containing chairs to fail to load
  • Fixed a bug causing the Hybrid test contracts for rescue missions to fail on launch
  • Fixed a bug where designer and flight inspectors could display outside of the bounds of the screen and could not be seen
  • Changed the MODIFICATIONS button to say MOD MANAGER to be easier to understand

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    0 CSE279

    @Pedro I can use my keyboard to type when I am build rocket(width,depth, craft name…) , but I can't use the keyboard to control my rocket flight . in settings ,I can’t input anything to change the control button , before 1.2 they are all work.(i use V1.2.109.0 , and thank you)

    6 months ago
  • Profile image
    Dev Pedro

    @CSE279 we have tried using external keyboards ourselves and they do work, but the caret isn't visible. Is this the issue you are experiencing? Does it let you type if you first click the textbox even if it doesn't show any visual change? Also, what version of iOS are you using?

    6 months ago
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    0 CSE279

    After 1.2 , I can't use my keyboard on my iPad. That is terrible for mobile.

    6 months ago
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    0 Ar73

    is this also for mobile ?

    +2 8 months ago
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    when new re entry effect?

    +3 8 months ago
  • Profile image

    @Zenithspeed yoghurt

    8 months ago
  • Profile image
    23.1k Zenithspeed

    "Added bioluminescent algae on some islands in Nebra"
    Nebra habitability confirmed???

    +2 8 months ago


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