1.0.9 Update

For all the modders, we have upgraded to Unity 2021.3.19f1. We have also fixed a couple of bugs with the mod tools and we are in the process of updating the mod tutorials to ensure everything in them works as expected and that all the screenshots show modern versions of both JNO's and Unity's UIs.

Map View

  • Improvements to the UX

    • Changed the Map View font from Anita to Roboto and made it a bit larger to make it more readable

    • Added an option in Map View to adjust the font size for orbital info

    • Fixed some issues with the inconsistent text, icon, and info offset sizes in Map View across different resolutions and UI scales

    • The Map View burn node delete icon (the X) should now be positioned more consistently across various resolutions

    • Fixed a bug where the burn node delete icon would hide when zoomed out by a large amount

    • Map View gizmo sensitivity slider now enforces reasonable limits when hand entering a value and prevents the slider from being set to 0%

    • Simplified the default(on/off) button in the Map View orbit properties to just say "default"

    • Map info window will now show negative periapsis values where appropriate

  • Tweaks, improvements, and fixes to planned burns

    • Tweaked the planned burn gizmo icons to be more consistent with the new navball markers

    • Overhauled the planned burn gizmos a bit. Max gizmo drag distance has been approximately tripled, giving more room for more precision in deltaV adjustments. Drag distances should now be more consistent across different resolutions. Dragging too far backward should no longer snap the gizmo to forward positions

    • Planned burns and gizmos should now have render/interaction priority over other Map View UI elements

    • Orphaned planned burns now expire after 30 seconds. This should prevent them from popping up unexpectedly at seemingly random times

    • Map View planned burns in the previous orbit will be automatically removed on SOI transition. This can fix some player craft orbit rendering issues and oddities. Because they are removed rather than orphaned, they will not return later as they should no longer be relevant

    • Planned burns in other SOIs can no longer be locked until entering that SOI

    • In Map View, only the first planned burn node in the orbit chain may be locked now

    • Planned burn nodes no longer auto-lock when dragging near/past the player's craft

    • An SOI transition will now unlock any locked burn nodes. This allows locked nodes to be properly orphaned at that time. This can fix some craft orbit render-breaking issues, such as leaving a locked node in a previous SOI orbit during an SOI transition

    • If an in-progress auto-burn is stopped with a kill-throttle command, subsequent kill-throttle commands will no longer pause the game unless the auto-burn is re-enabled

    • Improved the accuracy of auto-burns made while the Map View is closed

    • The burn progress bar now updates for manual burns

    • The Map Info dialog now updates burn info for manual burns when pinned in the flight view

    • Fixed a bug where the burn progress was not reset from the previous burn until the next burn started

    • Fixed a bug where the burn progress percentage label could display outside the 0% to 100% range under certain conditions

    • Fixed some null refs logged in Map View when a planned burn was orphaned while actively being edited

    • Fixed a bug where planned burn on hyperbolic orbits could be dragged beyond the start of the orbit

    • Planned burns can no longer be dragged when locked

  • Tweaks, improvements, and fixes to the closest approach info

    • The craft's closest encounter info when targeting something now starts pinned. It can still be manually pinned/unpinned as before

    • The closest approach text in the Map View is now shown below the icons to reduce the chance of overlapping the approach info shown while hovering over the orbit lines

    • Revised the closest approach info with an encounter. It should now only show info for the velocity/distance/time at periapsis

    • Improved the accuracy of the closest approach detection

    • Map View now shows the closest approach to target info in more scenarios than before

  • Bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug where some extreme orbits would cause the orbit line rendering to flash up close, covering a large portion of the screen

    • Fixed a bug where orbit lines could go 'pizza slice shaped' in some scenarios. I'm no rocket scientist, but I don't think that is how orbital mechanics work...

    • The Map View inspector should now be fully functional when pinned in the flight view, some Map View related settings will be hidden to reduce unnecessary clutter

    • The Map View orbit lines for the player's craft are now continuously updated when using RCS, just like they are when using regular engines

    • Improved the mouse/orbit interaction accuracy for elliptical orbits

    • Map View's time to apoapsis/periapsis orbit labels should now display correct times for burn nodes and encounters

    • Target and closest approach info no longer get stuck visible on Map View after the player's craft has been destroyed

    • Fixed a bug where the planned burn movement gizmo is visible when the node is first created

    • Fixed a bug where the planned burn gizmo lines could render in incorrect positions

    • Transparent icons in Map View should no longer block mouse interaction with UI elements behind them

    • When an encounter node is orphaned while selected in Map View, it will now select the player's craft rather than throwing an exception

    • Fixed a bug where the Map View target-at-cursor text may not delete itself when the target changes, potentially getting frozen on the screen

    • Orbit lines and node icons for planned burns coming after locked burn nodes now update appropriately when dragged


  • Re-balancing

    • Decreased the volume of the water launch location

    • Fine-tuned the deadlines for the celestial body contracts

    • Lowered the time you have to be grounded to complete the celestial body landing contracts to 10 seconds

    • Reduced the time you have to be grounded to complete Raining Rockets to 5 seconds

    • Added an extra requirement in Going Sideways to ensure the contract is started at the Village

    • Ensure the player can't start the launchpad supplies contract on the launchpad

    • Made the satellite contract tolerances depend on the satellite type, greatly increasing it for the smaller sats while keeping it the same for the largest

    • Delayed the time at which the lunar launch site contract appears, now the player will require to have all the launchpads and runways unlocked before it shows up

    • Fixed a bug that allowed showing orbits before having unlocked them in career mode when using "Toggle All" or visibility overrides

  • Tweaks

    • Don't allow accepting a contract until the menu tutorial is finished or skipped

    • Orbit contract requirements will now show negative periapsis values in flight

    • Updated the message shown when the wrong craft is being tracked to be easier to understand

    • Added a unique message for when a craft can't be resumed due to player control not being allowed for contract-spawned crafts

    • Auto-assign unassigned crew generated by contracts so they can be added to the crew if recovered

  • Fixes

    • Fixed a bug causing the Research Station Supplies contracts to be always flagged as progression when it should've only been flagged the first time

    • Fixed a null ref thrown when in the SOI of a planet that wasn't defined in Exploration.xml in career mode

    • Fixed a bug where the craft node altitude would be incorrect for half a frame after transitioning to a new SOI which caused the Deepest Dive milestone to complete

    • Fixed the jump and first flight tutorial crafts to prevent their main fuel tank to be inverted

    • Fixed a bug allowing players in career mode to select locked rocket engine types by changing fuel types

    • Fixed a bug causing some satellite payloads to share the battery with the main craft and report the wrong mass in the designer preview

    • Fixed a bug where a contract would not be removed from the list after another with the same name was rejected


  • UI

    • Tweaked the lock heading buttons to match the style of the nav ball markers, and tweaked the cardinal and up/down icons to match the colors of the nav sphere and be (hopefully) more intuitive

    • Tweaked the nav ball vector markers to make it easier to tell apart opposite directions and make the colors pop up more

    • Changed the colors of the nav sphere indicators for prograde, retrograde, target, and maneuver to match the colors of the navball icons

    • Improved the Crew Assignment dialog to skip the need of dropping droods before assigning them

    • Allow dropping a crew on another crew to replace it in Crew Assignment

    • Disable the CoL and CoT gizmos when they default to the origin because there were no compatible parts (wings, engines...)

    • Colored the labels in the rotate and translate tools to match the color of the respective axis in the gizmos

    • Improved the clarity of the error messages when trying to use symmetry on invalid parts

    • Added the Isp to the ion engine in the design info panel

  • Audio

    • Added a setting to fade out the audio of the game when getting into a vacuum

    • Lower the ambient sound of the sea when deep underwater

    • Lowered the volume of the solar panel array and how far the sound reaches

    • Fixed a bug causing the first-person view muffled sound to stop working after going in and out of the water

  • Vizzy stuff

    • Added a vizzy property to offset the camera target position

    • Tweaked the vizzy tooltip for Fuel(stage) to better reflect how it works

    • Reworded the description of Vizzy's Local to PCI and PCI to Local to better reflect that the block only rotates the vector

    • Fixed a bug causing funky inputs using VZ to fail in some situations

    • Fixed a bug causing Funk's vec(x,y,z) not to work in mobile devices

  • Solar panels

    • Added a property to the solar panels to allow inverting them and/or inverting their mirrored siblings

    • Raised the max temperature solar panels can survive

    • Fixed an issue with the placement of the collider for the panels on solar panel arrays with negative folds

  • Enhanced the visual quality of the lens flares
  • Changed "tptarget" cheat code to match the velocity of the target if it is a craft node

Bug Fixes

  • Updated Droo to fix a bug causing waves to poke through the drone ship sometimes, a typo in the description of one of the launch locations, and adding the missing westward runway location
  • Modding

    • Mod tools no longer try to include "Unity.Burst" and "Unity.Collections" assemblies in mods

    • Fixed a mod tools bug where the created mod Propulsion.xml lacked a necessary element

    • Fixed a mod tools bug where the Save Selected Assets button didn't save changes to the mod data file

  • Parts

    • Fixed a bug causing the mass of fairings to not be discounted in the dV prediction after they were jettisoned

    • Ensure the jet engine's price and mass are recalculated when enabling or disabling reverse thrust

    • Fixed a bug causing wings to have zero dry mass in flight

    • Ensure the generator throws a validation warning when it lacks fuel

    • Fixed a bug causing things attached to the end of structural panels to be rotated 180º around the y axis

    • Fixed a bug not properly saving the state of a parachute's auto-cut when being disabled in ASL mode

    • Ensured the inputs for the electric motor are clamped in flight in the proper range

  • Ensure that autopilot is disabled when running out of battery, to be consistent with the designer's warnings
  • Fixed a bug where the nose cone with fuel could not be included in an engine's tank set when separated from the primary fuel tank by a command disc, even if the command disc had Fuel Line enabled
  • Fixed a bug placing the drag vector in flight on the wrong side of the wing when the airfoil was inverted
  • Fixed a bug preventing droods from swimming if they had their jetpacks disabled, thus preventing tourists from swimming too
  • Fixed a null ref that could occur if the player changed the Planet Cubemaps quality setting and then performed a Quick Load
  • Ensure both the fuel and shell attachments are joined when using the add section feature in the part shape tool
  • Fixed a normal mapping issue with combined part meshes in the flight scene
  • Fixed normal mapping on procedural fuselage-based parts in the menu and designer Patch


  • Ensure all tutorials check for the player to be in the correct launch location
  • Made the player orbit lines always follow the same list of hues instead of randomizing them on every maneuver node and SOI transition
  • Made the max temperature of the wheel depend on the style of the tire, having the rover tire survive 1000K to explore the hottest planets
  • Added a hidden property to the solar panel arrays to override the row size of a specific row. It's just aesthetics, it won't affect price, mass, or power generation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing Add Section not to work on non-fuel tank fuselages
  • Fixed a bug causing inverted solar panel arrays to unfold in the wrong direction
  • Fixed a bug causing inverted panels to have the panel collider placed with an offset
  • Fixed a bug causing inverted solar panels to point away from the star instead of toward it
  • Fixed a bug causing solar panel arrays with a fold angle of -4 to have the wrong collider size
  • Fixed a map view bug where an SOI-enter encounter orbit could fail to get created in certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug in the validation of the docking port, allowing a scale of 200% to be selected before it was available Patch


  • Added "Lat,Long,ASL" alternatives to the "Lat,Long,AGL" vizzy functions. They run much faster since they don't have to calculate the terrain height at the position

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Vizzy expressions can break terrain generation if they request terrain height information using NaN inputs
  • Fixed a typo introduced in the last patch causing the docking port scale to misbehave Patch

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with script compilation symbols when the ModTools are built. This should fix the issue with a bunch of warnings showing up in mod projects due to the ModTools assemblies Patch

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that where Vector3d.Normalize would return a NaN vector if the input vector had zero length, which could cause issues in Vizzy when having zero-size vectors
  • Fixed a bug causing the Ali Pad delivery contract to fail when reaching the target location
  • Fixed a bug causing the village launchpad to be out of the required range for the Going Sideways contracts to begin

40 Items

14 Get/Set Camera Position/Direction Vectors
8 Visual glitch with hyperbolic orbit lines leaving the star system
5 Can't add burn nodes to (nearly) circular orbits.
3 Approach Info Text and Orbit Info Text Overlap
3 “Sample Collection” does not reject
3 Docking port scale doesn't work properly
3 Fuel tank and strut parts created through "Add section" in the part shape tool are not connected with Shell
2 In a new career mode save, you can obtain a late game engine
2 Solarpanels without base and negative fold angle have bugged selection box
2 Can't close map view menu and buttom doens't work for close it
1 Orbit Verbosity does not always show
1 Maneuver Node Bug - Forced Reload
1 loading craft drouge-chute with disable auto-cut reactivates auto-cut
1 craft spawn on air when launch on dsc launch pad
1 Infinite money glitch using reverse thrust
1 Inverted Solar Panels do not have thier "solar side" inverted
0 Solar Panel heat damage
0 Tangents are not transformed when combining meshes
0 Tangents are not calculated correctly until entering flight
0 Wheels only explode on Sergeaa
0 Career doesn't allow 200% size Docking Port
0 Too Much Fuel in Wings
0 The craft is not grounded before launch
0 Strange minecraft? effect
0 Transit time to Uradus
0 Deepest Dive triggers on SOI change
0 Payload batteries contributing to craft battery
0 Ali pad supply contract when Ali pad already unlocked
0 MAP VIEW UI not updating in normal view
0 Solar Panels Way Too Loud!
0 Set camera X & Y shift by Vizzy in flight
0 Fins rotate 180° (turn backwards) on structural panels by default
0 Fairing doesnt get correctly calculated on delta v calculations
0 Wings' mass
0 Icon floating in map view
0 Orbit lines and planets can sometimes be hard to select in order to target them or add maneuver nodes
0 Map View
0 un-researched map filters usable by pressing toggle all
0 Launching from ali completes “going sideways” contract
0 Wing Drag Inversion?

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