• Show list of crew members for selected craft in the in Active Crafts list.
  • Added support for setting the lock direction through vizzy on crafts that are loaded but not under the player's control
  • Substantially increased the strength of the night vision camera effect


  • Fixed a bug where the cargo bay doors would not open correctly on start if their disabled rotation was set via XML.
  • Fixed a bug where stationary, non-player crafts could fall through the surface of Brigo when approached by the player's craft.
  • Update state of astronauts to deceased when their craft is removed from the Active Crafts list.
  • Fixed a bug where the craft could experience orbit glitches when using a cargo bay with no base.
  • Updated the new rocket craft to no longer have legacy parachutes and have its Drood unassigned
  • Corrected a typo in the price calculation of the RTG, setting them to more realistic but still cheaper than real costs
  • Fixed an issue causing generators and RTGs to generate 1000 times as much power as they should
  • Fixed an error in the initialization of the slider text for the slant
  • Fixed a bug where the command disc gyro would not correctly initialize its gyro power and utilization on startup.
  • Improved error message when validating command disc without a battery fuel source.
  • Fixed bug with not being able to launch a craft in Planet Studio.

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