Auto Credit Based on Zenithspeed's Mortan System 1.4 - Beyond Insanity


NOTE: Mortan is a large and resource-intensive system. Game crashes or other performance issues are prone to occurring, especially on older or lower end devices. Lowering the game quality is reccommended.

A fictional, wacky star system composed of a multitude of planets and moons. With ten major planets, several habitable worlds, and many other celestial bodies, Mortan is something straight out of fantasy science fiction. Nearly every celestial body has its own lore and/or explanation in its description; if you are confused why something is as it is, then those will likely help. Planet to star distances are real/VB scale, but scales relative to planets are still in the 1/5th (ingame) scale.

Version 1.5 - Looking Back

This version in particular was inspired by the 1.2 version, which so far was the biggest change in Mortan's history. It was a very nostalgic era for me personally, and often look back on it. And while i can't exactly bring it back, i tried to make 1.5 sort of a "tribute" to 1.2, referencing some parts of it while also keeping it up to date with slightly increased quality. The system has been made a bit more realistic while still keeping the scifi fantasy feel it always had.


  • Fargon, moon of Vazur, replacement for Bariatus i guess
  • Naverus, shepherd moon of Ravan


  • Cyrrius: Overhauled appearance, new clouds (with cirrus clouds and storms) and better plating design
  • Merak: Decent appearance changes with new and modified structures, locations, and adjusted parameters
  • Lumina: Some appearance changes, more natural looking terrain (smudge noise), better atmosphere shader
  • Gratos: Greatly improved appearance, added thin atmosphere, moved to Arvidon orbit
  • Vazur: New filename for less bugs, completely overhauled design. Added new moon Fargon
  • Rocc: Replaced mystery ball with a memorial of it, shape and lore adjustments, new boulder spikes
  • Mortan: Medium but very noticable appearance changes, reduced size, added white "mist"
  • Ravan: Minor changes to clouds and lighting
  • Nyr: Total revamp, added research base with spawnspots, added working smoke to some volcanoes (this isn't an original technique, credits to the creator who found it out)
  • Karostus: Changed "fake water" pools to liquid oxygen to match temperature ranges in the area, alongside other changes
  • Crakliuzo: Complete overhaul, removed atmosphere, ground colors are now normal
  • Pirzer, and Exlungadus: Somewhat reduced terrain insanity, other changes
  • Mraz-Friziko-Clodno: Reworked planetary system with mild appearance and lore changes, and new orbit for Clodno
  • Ukadiron: Moved orbit outwards, new lore and mild appearance changes
  • Ampus: Textures, craters, and mild shape adjustments
  • Anubis: Increased size, tried to fix the super spiky terrain but couldn't, the insanity of the terrain is beyond rescuability


  • Removed Iskrosa+Bariatus due to a coincidental and accidental KSP Eve+Gilly resemblance
  • General orbit parameter adjustments and stuff, as usual
  • System tab now has version number marked
  • Greatly adjusted orbital inclinations of almost all celestial bodies
  • Updated liquid parameters of celestial bodies for 917 update


Most assets for terrain textures and/or rings are not made by me, and credit goes to their respective creators. I will not list them here as there are too many, and also because my memory is garbage in general to remember all of them.
If an in-game celestial body's name either resembles a, or is exactly the same as a real-life celestial body, then please take note that this is unintended and coincidental - if any name may have an offensive meaning, please tell me and i will rename it later unless the celestial body is a crucial part of the planetary system.



Name Parent Radius Surface Gravity Apoapsis Periapsis
Mortan 133.2 Mm 243.0 m/s - -
Namalato Mortan 978 km 7.8 m/s 1,501.6 Mm 1,501.3 Mm
Arvidon Mortan 527 km 5.8 m/s 14,834.2 Mm 9,093.1 Mm
Tedar Arvidon 433 km 3.4 m/s 5,974 km 5,782 km
Gratos Arvidon 345 km 2.4 m/s 16,658 km 14,763 km
Vazur Mortan 1,386 km 8.8 m/s 28,960.9 Mm 26,065.8 Mm
Fargon Vazur 18 km 0.2 m/s 20,766 km 11,312 km
Merak Mortan 1,330 km 9.2 m/s 58,260.2 Mm 56,781.5 Mm
Rocc Merak 31 km 0.4 m/s 4,961 km 4,595 km
Muri Merak 148 km 2.9 m/s 7,547 km 7,241 km
Saruve Merak 238 km 3.2 m/s 13,395 km 12,908 km
Lumina Merak 528 km 5.6 m/s 25,798 km 23,066 km
Vetiro Merak 305 km 6.5 m/s 50,721 km 46,779 km
Manta Vetiro 285 km 2.4 m/s 4,517 km 4,294 km
Shamrip Manta 128 km 3.2 m/s 1,121 km 1,113 km
Gigantus Vetiro 102 km 1.8 m/s 9,577 km 9,348 km
Cyrrius Mortan 785 km 7.7 m/s 64,716.2 Mm 62,911.0 Mm
Exlungadus Cyrrius 36 km 0.2 m/s 3,741 km 3,480 km
Pirzer Cyrrius 53 km 0.2 m/s 9,007 km 7,024 km
Crakliuzo Cyrrius 285 km 1.1 m/s 19,899 km 17,100 km
Hegam Cyrrius 44 km 0.1 m/s 39,422 km 31,997 km
Spinar Mortan 12,500 km 25.0 m/s 99,339.6 Mm 90,176.6 Mm
Makro Spinar 9,928 m 0.5 m/s 23,265 km 23,260 km
Tokrilin Spinar 125 km 1.5 m/s 65,324 km 65,193 km
Tetra Spinar 202 km 1.2 m/s 145.7 Mm 126.4 Mm
Anubis Spinar 444 km 8.5 m/s 284.4 Mm 226.8 Mm
Sortis Spinar 644 km 9.6 m/s 467.7 Mm 439.1 Mm
Volute Spinar 973 km 8.2 m/s 703.2 Mm 641.2 Mm
Sports Car's Comet Mortan 48 km 0.8 m/s 214,101.3 Mm 45,191.8 Mm
Vantormia Mortan 5,112 km 18.0 m/s 137,196.2 Mm 122,127.9 Mm
Lahitoga Vantormia 64 km 1.1 m/s 6,782 km 6,769 km
Arklis Vantormia 549 km 6.5 m/s 66,090 km 60,155 km
Ukadiron Vantormia 105 km 0.5 m/s 339.6 Mm 290.7 Mm
Ptorema Mortan 22,222 km 45.0 m/s 219,086.9 Mm 201,802.5 Mm
Ruktes Ptorema 60 km 1.0 m/s 48,719 km 45,813 km
Ampus Ptorema 38 km 0.0 m/s 112.7 Mm 94,693 km
Karma Ptorema 488 km 2.9 m/s 194.6 Mm 169.1 Mm
Crutan Ptorema 808 km 5.5 m/s 317.5 Mm 285.2 Mm
Mraz Mortan 230 km 2.8 m/s 331,799.3 Mm 304,670.0 Mm
Friziko Mraz 163 km 0.8 m/s 2,212 km 2,208 km
Clodno Mraz 19 km 0.3 m/s 19,222 km 4,719 km
Ravan Mortan 12,458 km 32.0 m/s 502,805.5 Mm 474,009.1 Mm
Naverus Ravan 39 km 0.1 m/s 101.0 Mm 100.8 Mm
Nyr Ravan 1,104 km 4.5 m/s 352.2 Mm 333.5 Mm
Karostus Ravan 543 km 5.8 m/s 1,568.2 Mm 1,396.4 Mm
Polinia Ravan 375 km 2.6 m/s 2,251.0 Mm 2,039.9 Mm
Kearul Ravan 33 km 0.2 m/s 13,255.7 Mm 2,025.5 Mm
Zudra Ravan 9,244 km 12.0 m/s 10,201.4 Mm 9,449.9 Mm
Chalucra Zudra 41 km 0.7 m/s 81,574 km 79,298 km


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    355 Aludra877

    @Zenithspeed Lol

    one month ago
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    10.4k Zenithspeed

    i have no idea either, to be honest

    one month ago
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    355 Aludra877

    How do u manage to make super large systems and have the patience to post up the planets? Dude I didnt have the patience to post my previous system which is 1/10000000000 compare to urs!!

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    @Zenithspeed 其实是我输入的中文的原因,打扰你了

    3 months ago
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    10.4k Zenithspeed

    i'm not completely sure, but i think it may be something to do with the "noise" section of the planet builder having too high of a number in one of its areas such as the strength or frequency, the game's planet editor typically does not like very large numbers

    3 months ago
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    @Zenithspeed 看一下我之前发的评论

    3 months ago
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    我不是英语使用者,但我上传复杂地形的星球时经常失败,然后他会弹出一个窗口,上面写着characters in path

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    I am not an English user, but I often fail to upload planets with complex terrain, and then he will pop up a window with characters in path

    3 months ago
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    10.4k Zenithspeed

    can you please explain "illegal characters in path"?
    if you are a non-english speaker and are using a translator, try to use different words in your language with similar meaning; i would help solve your issue but i currently cannot completely understand your message

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    Please tell me how to solve the problem of illegal characters in path

    3 months ago


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