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TSS 1.0.

Based on ESS.

This system is about terraform. The future of Human is terraform other planets.In this system, the astronauts can live on 8 planets/moons(the latest version): Droo(their home), Cylero, Nebra, Hados, Frigios, Arcos, Orcus, Taurus (There is only the atmosphere and the launch site on Luna, and now you can land on it).

  • On Nebra, Juno rises in the east, but Tydos rises in the west.
  • You can see Nebra on Hados.
  • There are 5 wrecks(launch sites) under a lake at about S5.2deg,E3.19deg on Arcos! They're in ESS too.
  • Most of the terraformed planets/moons' surface gravity are low. You can escape from the planet/moon easily.
  • You can do aerial aerobatics easily on the terraformed planets/moons.


I can terraform other planets/moons in Terragenesiss, but I can't explore the terraformed planets/moons. So I make this system and that I can do it.


* New planet: Cylero.
* Cylero with a bug.

* New moons: Luna and Frigios.
* Bug fixed: Map of Cylero.
* Luna with a bug.

* New moon: Hados.
* Luna with a bug.

* New planets/moons: Droo, Nebra and Arcos.
* Launch sites on the terraformed planets/moons.
* Luna with a bug.

* New moons: Luna with atmosphere(this moon is normal) , Orcus.
* Drone ships on the terraformed planets/moons.
* Bug fixed: Launch locations.

* Launch site changed.
* Arcos with a ring system.
* New moon: Taurus.
V2.0 (future)
* New stars/planet/moon: a black hole Alayna in the middle of the galaxy, a star Veleda, a gas giant (maybe) .
* More launch sites on the terraformed planets/moons.
V2.1 (future)
* Planets made by myself: gas giants, moons...

I didn't know how to build a good system. I'm not sure I can fix all the bugs in TSS. I’m just trying to do it. If you found any bugs, you can tell me, and I'll try to do better.


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  • Game Version: 0.9.404.0


Name Parent Radius Surface Gravity Apoapsis Periapsis
Juno 139.1 Mm 274.0 m/s - -
Droo Juno 1,274 km 9.8 m/s 15,209.8 Mm 14,709.8 Mm
Luna Droo 350 km 1.6 m/s 40,587 km 36,363 km
Cylero Juno 678 km 3.7 m/s 24,923.2 Mm 20,665.2 Mm
Exoo Cylero 74 km 0.3 m/s 5,556 km 4,978 km
Ilithos Cylero 3,675 m 0.1 m/s 13,485 km 8,990 km
Tydos Juno 14,000 km 24.8 m/s 81,664.2 Mm 74,049.8 Mm
Nebra Tydos 402 km 2.1 m/s 83,799 km 83,799 km
Hados Tydos 340 km 1.6 m/s 171.8 Mm 155.8 Mm
Frigios Tydos 250 km 1.2 m/s 260.8 Mm 256.1 Mm
Arcos Tydos 450 km 2.1 m/s 428.9 Mm 396.6 Mm
Elara Tydos 42 km 0.3 m/s 925.7 Mm 559.1 Mm
Urados Juno 5,112 km 8.9 m/s 300,837.9 Mm 274,168.5 Mm
Eros Urados 12 km 0.2 m/s 13,580 km 13,580 km
Aite Urados 9,582 m 0.1 m/s 15,900 km 15,900 km
Miros Urados 117 km 0.5 m/s 34,380 km 34,380 km
Orcus Urados 270 km 1.3 m/s 70,950 km 70,950 km
Taurus Urados 435 km 2.0 m/s 150.3 Mm 150.3 Mm

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