Auto Credit Based on Lightexplorers's The Gate Network


An constellation near Juno that is not unique like any others, But has an ancient relic from the Gatebuilders.
There are 2 stars in this constellation, (More to come soon.)
Each of the stars has their own gate, Most of the gates are near celestial bodies orbiting the stars.
Explore the vast constellation with the help of The Gate Network once for all, But try to maintain your ship's size for the Gates.


The Gate Network is known to be built by the Gatebuilders to access more systems farther than an civilization's home system, Leaving the Network behind for younger generations.

The constellation has one of the rare systems that can be accessed through the Gate, Achieving interstellar travel for Droomankind.



Name Parent Radius Surface Gravity Apoapsis Periapsis
Mares 43,000 km 198.9 m/s - -
Entaurus Mares 6,481 km 13.5 m/s 21,325.9 Mm 19,266.9 Mm
Acell Entaurus 991 km 1.3 m/s 247.6 Mm 247.1 Mm
Damos 163 Mares 65 km 0.1 m/s 35,204.2 Mm 27,489.8 Mm
Teranis 984 Mares 42 km 0.0 m/s 75,161.0 Mm 34,429.8 Mm
Palle Mares 11,000 km 50.9 m/s 1,001,000.0 Mm 999,000.0 Mm
Ale 217 Palle 37 km 0.0 m/s 2,964.5 Mm 1,167.3 Mm
Oorus Palle 600 km 4.6 m/s 3,562.9 Mm 3,368.0 Mm


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