Auto Credit Based on Zenithspeed's Efidiris System 1.3

A small system with a brown dwarf, a not-too-hot lava world, a cold sand planet with an icy moon, a gas giant with two moons, and a very dark ice planet.
This wasn't bundled with the original Mortan 1.2, however i'm just putting this in for MortanBonus to make up for the inconvenience.
Of course, brown dwarves don't have much planets (in almost all cases just none), so don't expect much in terms of neither quality nor quantity.

Version 1.4e - Beyond Insanity


Halodos, icy satellite of Daeso
Turvin, second moon of Pastarkus


Daeso: Increased temperature and changed ground fog, again
Pastarkus: Appearance changes and stuff, this is getting boring fr pls send help i'm addicted i can't


Most assets for terrain textures and/or rings are not made by me, and credit goes to their respective creators. I will not list them here as there are too many, and also because my memory is garbage in general to remember all of them.
If an in-game celestial body's name either resembles a, or is exactly the same as a real-life celestial body, then please take note that this is unintended and coincidental - if any name may have an offensive meaning, please tell me and i will rename it later unless the celestial body is a crucial part of the planetary system.



Name Parent Radius Surface Gravity Apoapsis Periapsis
Efidiris 49,291 km 39.4 m/s - -
Magnum Efidiris 828 km 9.7 m/s 1,086.4 Mm 913.6 Mm
Daeso Efidiris 505 km 5.2 m/s 3,361.9 Mm 3,197.2 Mm
Halodos Daeso 185 km 0.6 m/s 7,992 km 6,838 km
Pastarkus Efidiris 28,158 km 32.6 m/s 19,377.8 Mm 17,483.5 Mm
Xuveah Pastarkus 16 km 0.3 m/s 155.8 Mm 54,610 km
Turvin Pastarkus 25 km 0.6 m/s 293.8 Mm 195.7 Mm
Citet Efidiris 2,835 km 29.0 m/s 43,282.6 Mm 35,120.0 Mm


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