Auto Credit Based on Zenithspeed's Ordearus System 1.4

A recreation of the Ordearus System, originally intended to be bundled with Mortan 1.2 but could not due to issues with the orbit validator.
Ordearus is a red dwarf star with a surprisingly large planetary system, including a molten rock, a planet with a massive crater, a captured interstellar asteroid, an idyllic habitable world, a massive gas giant, and a small dwarf planet.

Version 1.5o - Looking Back

Once again, no additions, but some ancient celestial bodies finally got a well-deserved update.


-Ordearus: Increased size, made gravity more realistic, mild appearance changes
-Ozimuro: Complete overhaul, with new terrain, lava, colors, and lore/explanation
-Hyperborea: Minor appearance changes and whatnot
-Falkena: Minor atmosphere changes, adjusted lava parameters
-Kalera: Complete overhaul, with new terrain and cryovolcanoes
-Banol: Complete overhaul, with more terrain, less super flat plateaus, and more craters
-Removed Kirono and Kevtoro, the former due to its general poor quality and the latter due to its resemblance to Zenith Galaxy's Phaedra.

-Moved celestial body SMA's inwards
-Adjusted celestial body general parameters as always


Most assets for terrain textures and/or rings are not made by me, and credit goes to their respective creators. I will not list them here as there are too many, and also because my memory is garbage in general to remember all of them.
If an in-game celestial body's name either resembles a, or is exactly the same as a real-life celestial body, then please take note that this is unintended and coincidental - if any name may have an offensive meaning, please tell me and i will rename it later unless the celestial body is a crucial part of the planetary system.



Name Parent Radius Surface Gravity Apoapsis Periapsis
Ordearus 31,428 km 1.31 km/s - -
Ozimuro Ordearus 494 km 2.6 m/s 1,029.5 Mm 970.5 Mm
Dvorbis Ordearus 343 km 2.5 m/s 1,969.4 Mm 1,508.7 Mm
Borhurr Ordearus 45 km 0.9 m/s 3,151.1 Mm 2,166.4 Mm
Hyperborea Ordearus 1,032 km 9.6 m/s 3,427.3 Mm 3,390.6 Mm
Ziromell Hyperborea 427 km 1.9 m/s 16,151 km 15,093 km
Scuro Hyperborea 633 km 4.6 m/s 34,507 km 31,686 km
Valkiriya Ordearus 23,425 km 44.6 m/s 9,235.6 Mm 9,215.1 Mm
Falkena Valkiriya 244 km 4.4 m/s 30,439 km 30,438 km
Helixon Valkiriya 138 km 2.4 m/s 55,431 km 55,321 km
Kalera Valkiriya 313 km 1.1 m/s 300.0 Mm 273.1 Mm
Banol Valkiriya 253 km 1.2 m/s 1,066.7 Mm 850.3 Mm
Horun Ordearus 154 km 0.4 m/s 23,402.9 Mm 22,843.3 Mm


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