Auto Credit Based on Zenithspeed's SDU Trinary System 1.3

The Spectralis-Diabolis-Unapidas Trinary System is the latest and highest detailed of the MortanBonus systems, either way, SDU is my most high-quality system out of all of them.

Of course, due to being a trinary system, star light is not even distributed and so planetary bodies only actually recieve light from Spectralis. This was inspired by systems that have been posted, but still, no plagiarism intended as always.

Version 1.4t - Beyond Insanity


Heskar: Reduced atmosphere density, minor atmosphere changes
Orega: Increased spin speed, now rotates 10x as faster as before
Senek: Color changes
Dothma: Decreased gravity, appearance changes
Huroves: Reduced insanity of the terrain, increased atmosphere density
Elipso: Completely revamped appearance, now is a blue gas giant like how i originally planned it to be


Increased SMA's again for "realism" i guess


Most assets for terrain textures and/or rings are not made by me, and credit goes to their respective creators. I will not list them here as there are too many, and also because my memory is garbage in general to remember all of them.
If an in-game celestial body's name either resembles a, or is exactly the same as a real-life celestial body, then please take note that this is unintended and coincidental - if any name may have an offensive meaning, please tell me and i will rename it later unless the celestial body is a crucial part of the planetary system.



Name Parent Radius Surface Gravity Apoapsis Periapsis
Spectralis 192.5 Mm 379.1 m/s - -
Alaktora Spectralis 1,627 km 11.1 m/s 31,344.9 Mm 15,643.9 Mm
Elipso Spectralis 4,522 km 38.4 m/s 76,736.7 Mm 76,249.5 Mm
Dothma Elipso 133 km 11.2 m/s 42,025 km 41,941 km
Katarso Elipso 729 km 9.3 m/s 97,668 km 94,115 km
Denko Katarso 100 km 1.7 m/s 5,688 km 4,617 km
Ceritia Elipso 482 km 5.0 m/s 179.9 Mm 154.6 Mm
Diabolis Spectralis 154.5 Mm 304.3 m/s 250,609.2 Mm 250,108.5 Mm
Senek Diabolis 15,852 km 28.0 m/s 2,994.2 Mm 2,631.2 Mm
Huroves Senek 821 km 8.4 m/s 29,221 km 29,163 km
Orega Diabolis 583 km 6.4 m/s 35,718.5 Mm 34,419.1 Mm
Hangul Diabolis 980 km 8.6 m/s 50,445.0 Mm 49,905.0 Mm
Vitrimunda Hangul 382 km 2.8 m/s 10,425 km 10,404 km
Unapidas Spectralis 95,982 km 189.0 m/s 500,406.6 Mm 499,406.8 Mm
Sedrema Unapidas 823 km 7.4 m/s 2,809.2 Mm 1,871.4 Mm
Heskar Unapidas 1,173 km 7.9 m/s 14,426.4 Mm 12,902.3 Mm
Zibare Unapidas 18,500 km 35.0 m/s 29,007.1 Mm 27,951.9 Mm
Mirotis Zibare 44 km 0.8 m/s 81,587 km 57,394 km
Katon Zibare 194 km 0.9 m/s 138.6 Mm 118.6 Mm

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    12.2k Zenithspeed

    gonna upload a craft after this, and then it's time to finally put the Mortan stuff to a rest for a while, because i'll be going full throttle on Zenith Galaxy :)

    Pinned one year ago


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