Auto Credit Based on Zenithspeed's Pazfigust System 1.3

A recreation of the Pazfigust System, originally intended to be bundled with Mortan 1.2 but could not due to issues with the orbit validator.
Since this is a complementary system (and the oldest of the 5), expect quality to be rough around not just the edges, but everywhere in general.

Version 1.4p - Beyond Insanity


Ihiyasir (originally present in 1.2 but forgot to add it in here when i had to seperate the systems)
Inevista Marei (originally present in 1.2 but didn't add in due to a bug regarding it)
Mistodan (same reason as Ihiyasir)


Removed Gorov (there were too many red-colored planets in a somewhat close orbit, alright?)
Manius: Made shape and craters more normal


Most assets for terrain textures and/or rings are not made by me, and credit goes to their respective creators. I will not list them here as there are too many, and also because my memory is garbage in general to remember all of them.
If an in-game celestial body's name either resembles a, or is exactly the same as a real-life celestial body, then please take note that this is unintended and coincidental - if any name may have an offensive meaning, please tell me and i will rename it later unless the celestial body is a crucial part of the planetary system.



Name Parent Radius Surface Gravity Apoapsis Periapsis
Pazfigust 3,936 km 124.8 m/s - -
Cinderhalt Pazfigust 285 km 1.5 m/s 2,181.7 Mm 1,994.0 Mm
Azurron Pazfigust 500 km 8.7 m/s 5,513.9 Mm 5,266.9 Mm
Manius Azurron 88 km 1.5 m/s 31,545 km 25,042 km
Magurrea Pazfigust 9,078 km 20.6 m/s 17,122.9 Mm 16,718.3 Mm
Tirga Magurrea 489 km 2.3 m/s 85,582 km 68,545 km
Korvago Magurrea 35 km 0.4 m/s 256.9 Mm 136.6 Mm
Vorvu Magurrea 189 km 0.9 m/s 340.3 Mm 284.9 Mm
Inokatre Magurrea 437 km 2.0 m/s 509.9 Mm 424.9 Mm
Mistodan Magurrea 670 km 3.2 m/s 675.9 Mm 674.6 Mm
Inevista Marei Magurrea 1,185 km 9.6 m/s 1,320.4 Mm 1,312.0 Mm
Ihiyasir Pazfigust 1,939 km 13.6 m/s 42,590.6 Mm 20,428.7 Mm
Feisar Pazfigust 212 km 1.0 m/s 41,149.6 Mm 40,531.1 Mm

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