Auto Credit Based on Zenithspeed's VBSS


A simplified replica of our own solar system. Includes all main planets, most of their major moons, as well as Pluto because it's still a planet in our hearts.

I mainly made this for the people who wanted to have an experience similar to the real-world system, but don't have a device that can run, for example, HyperPatch's much better replica - that said, no true plagiarism intended - only inspiration. This also comes with a downside that there is much less realism, but hey, sacrifices had to be made.

Planetary body scales and orbits are roughly equal to IRL, however i had to convert radians (the displayed numbers) into degrees, this means that inclinations, arguments of periapsis, true anomalies, and other things, are not completely accurate. Eccentricities, celestial body radii and SMA's are somewhat accurate, however. I used Wikipedia as a main source (as always) so chances are it will have some inaccuracies.

Related filenames are marked as "VBSS" and then the respective body name (e.g. VBSSEarth)


1.0.1: Decreased quality of most celestial bodies to performance issues, also changes of differing magnitude to Earth, Moon, Io, Iapetus, Titan, Titania, and some others Added Mars spawnpoint and revamped appearance, closely taken from how it looks on the surface IRL
1.1: Updated system with update 0.9.923+ features, replaced old Sun variant with new one (the resulting rendering errors on celestial bodies should only be a cosmetic issue, don't worry about them), revamped Titan (new color, mountains, atmosphere), Io, Europa (credits to StarDominator for helping!), Mimas, Deimos, Pluto (now in true color!), major changes to Venus (better atmosphere and surface), Earth (revamped US Base and some recolors, Moon (new colors + launch location moved to Apollo 11 coordinates, even if not accurate), Mars; gas giants no longer have terrain and are fully flat, gas giant moons are now aligned with parent axial tilt, removed launch spots on Mars and Pluto due to the recover craft feature (this may return though), and many other changes


  • Predecessor: VBSS
  • Created On: iOS
  • Game Version: 0.9.926.0


Name Parent Radius Surface Gravity Apoapsis Periapsis
Sun 695.7 Mm 274.0 m/s - -
Mercury Sun 2,440 km 3.7 m/s 69,816.9 Mm 46,001.2 Mm
Venus Sun 6,052 km 8.9 m/s 108,940.8 Mm 107,475.2 Mm
Earth Sun 6,371 km 9.8 m/s 152,097.6 Mm 147,098.4 Mm
Moon Earth 1,737 km 1.6 m/s 405.5 Mm 363.3 Mm
Mars Sun 3,390 km 3.7 m/s 249,228.7 Mm 206,649.7 Mm
Phobos Mars 11 km 0.1 m/s 9,518 km 9,234 km
Deimos Mars 6,202 m 0.0 m/s 23,471 km 23,456 km
Jupiter Sun 69,912 km 24.8 m/s 816,589.6 Mm 740,450.4 Mm
Io Jupiter 1,822 km 1.8 m/s 421.8 Mm 418.4 Mm
Europa Jupiter 1,561 km 1.3 m/s 676.9 Mm 664.9 Mm
Ganymede Jupiter 2,634 km 1.4 m/s 1,073.9 Mm 1,071.1 Mm
Callisto Jupiter 2,410 km 1.2 m/s 1,896.6 Mm 1,868.8 Mm
Saturn Sun 58,233 km 10.4 m/s 1,514,524.4 Mm 1,352,535.6 Mm
Mimas Saturn 198 km 0.1 m/s 189.2 Mm 181.9 Mm
Enceladus Saturn 252 km 0.1 m/s 239.1 Mm 236.8 Mm
Tethys Saturn 531 km 0.1 m/s 294.6 Mm 294.6 Mm
Dione Saturn 1,123 km 0.2 m/s 378.2 Mm 376.6 Mm
Rhea Saturn 764 km 0.3 m/s 527.8 Mm 526.4 Mm
Titan Saturn 2,575 km 1.4 m/s 1,256.7 Mm 1,186.3 Mm
Iapetus Saturn 735 km 0.2 m/s 3,659.4 Mm 3,462.3 Mm
Uranus Sun 25,363 km 8.7 m/s 3,006,354.6 Mm 2,735,510.8 Mm
Miranda Uranus 236 km 0.1 m/s 129.6 Mm 129.2 Mm
Ariel Uranus 579 km 0.2 m/s 190.3 Mm 189.9 Mm
Umbriel Uranus 585 km 0.3 m/s 267.0 Mm 265.0 Mm
Titania Uranus 788 km 0.4 m/s 436.4 Mm 435.4 Mm
Oberon Uranus 761 km 0.4 m/s 584.3 Mm 582.7 Mm
Neptune Sun 24,622 km 11.2 m/s 4,537,445.2 Mm 4,459,370.8 Mm
Triton Neptune 1,353 km 0.8 m/s 355.1 Mm 354.4 Mm
Pluto Sun 1,188 km 0.6 m/s 7,375,887.3 Mm 4,436,872.7 Mm
Charon Pluto 606 km 0.3 m/s 19,595 km 19,588 km


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  • Profile image
    23.1k Zenithspeed

    accidentally forgot to put in the description that Enceladus got a complete revamp too... oh well, enjoy

    Pinned 1.3 years ago
  • Profile image
    4,015 PZLAgencies

    @Zenithspeed alright but im just showing you something.

    5 months ago
  • Profile image
    23.1k Zenithspeed

    @PZLAerospacesAgency why are you threatening me? i don't really care, they can do what they want with their system because it's their system, while mine is my system

    5 months ago
  • Profile image
    4,015 PZLAgencies

    You have a competitor.

    5 months ago
  • Profile image
    23.1k Zenithspeed

    @joemam i might be able to get the update out this summer if i have enough time, but i can't gurantee (next closest time to that is winter break)

    10 months ago
  • Profile image
    0 joemam

    when next update 🥺

    10 months ago
  • Profile image
    120 Omba

    Currently the first solar system that genuinely has earth’s terrain that i have found

    +2 1.1 years ago
  • Profile image
    23.1k Zenithspeed

    @LunaMelodies i know of that, i accidentally discovered it and decided to keep it cause it kind of looks like clouds, i'll remove it on the next version though

    1.2 years ago
  • Profile image

    Hey man I’m on an iPhone 11 and there’s a huge texture glitch with the sky on earth when on the ground, (shows the triangle texture plates) I tried flipping settings the resetting but nothing fixed it on my end. I didn’t know if you knew about this

    1.2 years ago
  • Profile image

    @Zenithspeed dosent matter, I made haumea Makemake and Eris

    +1 1.3 years ago
  • Profile image
    23.1k Zenithspeed

    @Imsonicnoob i planned to add Haumea and Hyperion in this update, but due to some issues i couldn't add Hyperion and i knew that since both will be using a similar terrain generation method it simply won't work out
    and as for other minor planets, those likely won't be added as it may intersect with Pluto and stuff, not to mention the chaos with orbit validation (i'm considering adding Ceres tho since there's still room in the asteroid belt)

    1.3 years ago
  • Profile image

    Ceres haumea Makemake Eris and Sedna when

    +1 1.3 years ago


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