This is a desktop application. Which can build vizzy code via C#.
for example:

using(new OnStart())


  • Project management: Manage all your vizzy logic with C# scripts.
  • OOP:You can define classes in C#. And these class members can be mapped to vizzy list items.
  • Batch processing of parts:You process parts with LINQ expression.
  • Other functions are work in progress...

How To Use

Create Project

Click "File" - "Open XML As Project" and select a XML file. Then a project is auto created under VizzyBuilder\Projects\.

C# to Vizzy

You can write C# script and execute it. Some examples are given after you open a project.

Save XML

Click "File"-"Save XML" to save changes to XML file and make backup.

Init File

Init.cs is executed when you open the project.You can register part operations here.


  • Mod Version: v1.0
  • Required SR2 Version:
  • Published: 5/22/2023
  • Downloads: 70




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    @REW that doesn’t fact check my comment

    4 days ago
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    407 Periodic

    @REW I think that normal vizzy is better for that

    5 days ago
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    20.9k Rafaele

    This is amazing! Simply put, no more words.

    5 days ago
  • Profile image
    2,178 TaurusSpace

    This is a dream come true 😍

    6 days ago
  • Profile image
    2,490 REW

    @HorizonsTechnologies This tool is really convenient and powerful. Especially when you maintain large projects.

    7 days ago
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    For making vizzy 2x more hell than people have already made it

    +1 9 days ago
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    2,490 REW

    @iKarusArmory Thanks :D

    10 days ago
  • Profile image
    1,305 iKarusArmory

    another masterpiece

    11 days ago


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