LensEffects adds a few simple cinematic post-processing shaders for camera parts.
As of now the mod offers a vignette and lens dirt, the effect strength can be controlled via settings.



-Initial release


-Lens dirt intensity now scales based on radiation, which means it disappears at night and fades out and in depending on the distance to the sun. The intensity is limited to 2, so it doesn't keep scaling to unreasonably high values as the player gets closer and closer to the sun.


-Added a second vignette type that's supposed to resemble an engineering cam. You can switch vignettes in the settings.


-Lens dirt now supports occlusion, causing the intensity to go down when the sun is covered by a structure, terrain or craft.

Known issues:

!! Camera parts need to be named "Camera" to display the effect. I'm looking into whether I can come up with a better way for this. !!

The lens dirt effect only reacts to sunlight, other bright objects don't affect it. I'd like to find a better way to approach this by using a bloom pass to control the intensity, however I wasn't able to get access to that so far.

The effects have a tendency to look stretched on screen formats other than 16:9. Playing at resolutions above 1080p is expected to look low res. This is my first mod and only second project in Unity, so I currently lack the knowledge of how to account for this, but I will make an attempt to fix this also.

Potential future additions:

-Lens distortion
-Settings to activate the filters in other viewmodes such as flyby or chase
-Dynamic soot based on camera heat
-Dynamic condensation based on atmospheric flight data
-Improvements to lens dirt by using render passes


  • Mod Version: 1.3
  • Required SR2 Version:
  • Published: 2/20/2023
  • Downloads: 167




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    It could shake, like when you thrust up the rocket

    3 days ago
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    When a multi million dollar aircraft has a camera but for some reason, the lense was bought at Walmart.

    23 days ago
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    1,010 Brixxter

    @Grapplex yes, that's on the roadmap. I would love to try something like that but I'm not sure when or how I'll be able to do that as I'm quite inexperienced with modding

    one month ago
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    210 Grapplex

    Maybe you could add moisture effects? I'm not sure what it's called, what I mean is when the camera fogs up during launch, would be quite cool

    one month ago
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    8,418 SpaceJunk69

    Very good!
    Thank you for making this!

    one month ago
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    one month ago
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    one month ago


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