The 1 NEW post was just a mistake, literally, I still don't know how it got so much upvotes (and I want to delete it, it was a mistake), but I do have to say there are more things, that are actual posts with dedicated effort! Aaaand here they are:

Stealth multirole fighter!

Stealth strike/recoinnanse UAV!

Smol lil trainer jet! (with my first custom landing gear attempt!)

Experiments with cockpits! (HUD is from s5ehfr9)

Not only that, but I'm actually beginning to edit videos! I might post them soon at a new channel I have, and try to post a video per week.

Consider joining my Discord server if you want! And that's what I wanted to say, thanks for reading! (also comment below if I should delete the 1 NEW post, I swear I feel embarrased of it)



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    20.4k Rafaele

    @Craigdimension Uhhh, idk what you mean

    1.4 years ago
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    Hey @Rafaele why did you change you profile picher Jesse furrys are in Sega ,star fox ,mlp and many more ugh why do people who like sonic hate furrys

    1.4 years ago
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    20.4k Rafaele

    @Doublehsh Yeah, that post was just unnecesary and spammy

    1.5 years ago


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