Ksp has many things to envy Sr2, no :
- best planets customization with planet studio
- best graphics
- more customization (procedural parts, xml edition, etc...)
- more programming oriented
- more replicas oriented
- the community has a larger share
But :
- ksp has better physics
- and more refined gameplay mechanics



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    14.5k seventeen

    @Rafaele and more bugs i love them

    one year ago
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    311 zeropol

    I disagree. ( both are good games with pros and cons )
    With time, the KSP players built a incredibly awesome mods list. Like Skyrim, relatively few players now play vanilla KSP in their everyday sessions. The fact that KSP was released years before SR2 means a lot of players will stick to KSP, when it is totally fine to play both (or even swicth main game to SR2 for whatever reasons).

    If I understand well, structural integrity is based on parts in KSP, and in the whole craft in SR2, the later being less computing intensive. It means in SR2, by example, fuel tanks/wings won't break because of aerodynamic stress. (correct me if I'm wrong) It also means in SR2 the exploding part is always the one impacting the ground when in KSP it is not always. On the other hand, it means no "wobbly-wobbling" in SR2, and no kraken I'm aware of.

    But it is true that with the upcoming career mode in SR2 the comparison between the games makes more and more sense. For me the definitive plus of SR2 is the procedural approach. While I use them, I find procedural mods in KSP quite resources hungry, and my PC is not that powerful.

    I'm confident that SR2, being more in its "infancy", has quite a lot of surprises for us in the future :)
    Also you forgot one of the best accomplishment of SR2 : running on our phones.

    +1 one year ago
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    5,817 Fime

    @Rafaele yep, thzt's true

    one year ago
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    20.3k Rafaele

    the point of better physics tho really makes ksp the definitive space game, also we really need volumetric clouds, tracks for rovers, and of course, ground effect, better parachutes, better water physics and better colissions

    +1 one year ago
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    9,647 Chtite451SR2

    @KuiperAerospace but KSP2 has their secret weapon, multiplayer
    and i think thats what everyone wants XD
    plus KSP has things that SR2 doesnt...

    +1 one year ago
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    This is true. However, SR2 will have refined mechanics by the time KSP2 comes out, and might be just as good, if not beetter.

    +1 one year ago


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