iSpace is targeting 6:00 p.m. EDT on Monday, September 28 for Scorpio spacecraft to deorbit and return to Droo.

First, The Crew Scorpio’s four forward-bulkhead Orbital thrusters will ignite and conducting phasing burns twice to lower its orbit.

As it gets closer to Droo, the Crew Scorpio spacecraft will jettison its trunk, before thrusters will ignite again for the deorbit burn, an 3 minute burn to slow the spacecraft’s forward speed and begin its descent to Droo.

The Crew Scorpio spacecraft will enter Droo's atmosphere traveling at a speed of about 13,000 km/h. The friction of particles in the atmosphere will create a drag force, slowing it down drastically while heating the outside of the capsule to about 1000 Celsius degree.

Once Crew Scorpio has completed the fiery reentry phase of its return flight, the spacecraft will deploy its four parachutes, which will slow down the vehicle as it descends for a gentle touchdown.

For near real-time updates follow us on Twitter @iSPACE_SR2.


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    iShare Program Flight 1: 80% booked now!

    >Book your launch

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    Replay (Touchdown)

    29 days ago
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    @iSpace so how did it go. When are you posting. And would you post if it failed?

    one month ago
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    2,602 Chtite451SR2

    @iSpace is there a way so i can see it live? (the reentry) id love to see it ;) next up: my sattalites are going up ;)

    one month ago
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    @iSpace Can I know how you are posting pictures in centre like twitter and YouTube

    +1 one month ago


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