Trying to create a list of Part ID numbers that can be called upon to turn on a list of parts all at once. Thought it would be a simple thing , I guess not. LOL Anyone able to help me out?



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    1,345 RikHar

    @zeropol Thanks again. After a few custom adjustments for my vehicle it worked perfectly, and now i have a basic understanding of "lists" and how they work.

    +1 1.3 years ago
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    1,345 RikHar

    @zeropol thank you. That helps. Trying learn this vizzy stuff.

    +1 1.3 years ago
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    311 zeropol

    you can try something like this :
    create a variable called "myList", then

    set list (myList) to [create list from (partID1, partID2, partID3, etc)]
    for (i) from (1) to [ lenght of (mylist) by (1)]
    set part [part ID of [item (i) in (myList)]] activated to (1)

    +2 1.3 years ago

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