Hello everybody and you probably know me as KitKart. While you were building rockets, I started to become very interested in the scp foundation. So I decided to do my own entry while giving it a SR2 feel.
I got a little bored with SR2 which is why I haven't been active so lately.

Object class: Keter
SPECIAL ROCKET PROCEDURES! SRP-6666-J is to be tracked by two satelites ten to fifty meters from SRP-6666-J while constanly recording in infrared mode. SCP-6666-J is not to be recorded at all with any camera other than infrared. Any unusual anomalies on the ground next to SRP-6666-J are to be reported to rocket security immediatley.

Description: SRP-6666-J is a one meter wide visual perception phenomenon that occurs at about 150 km from the surface of droo. When looked at through normal means, no anomalies are seen, however if it is viewed through any form of infrared, it will distort the image around it, resulting in spirals appearing through unknown means. They have also been observed to be extremely hot with temperatures execceding 1000 F. If viewed from a camera in normal means, after about twenty hours after inital exposure, victims start to become noticably more paranoid than usual often displaying fear of even the slightest anger. After forty hours after inital exposure victims through infrared will begin to catch glimpses of SRP-6666-1-J, a stick figure about five meters away its not been known to make any threatning poses, but it will keep on stalking until its victims dies. If the victim sees the phenomenon once more after forty hours, the victim will be teleported after five seconds of looking at it where it dissapears and is assumed dead.

Addendum 6666-41-J: SRP-6666-J has now started displaying its image on other CCTV cameras across the rocket development sector as well as many other sections of the rocket development complex, (RDC) The cause is unknown but CCTV cameras are to be turned off until a fix can be done if possible, otherwise the cameras are to be incinerated and replaced by other CCTV cameras.

Addendum 6666-42-J: The RDC's two satelites are stopped responding to the image. CCTV also appears to have recovered after not displaying any SRP-6666-J footage for ten days. Though it is unknown why the satelites have stopped working. It is presumed that the satelites got too close, destroying the satelites due to exccesive heat.

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