After the successful lunar program "Regolith", there is a need to settle 6 astronauts for a long time, this is the first step in colonizing the Luna

The idea was taken from the project of the Soviet lunar Base "Zvezda", namely an autonomous train (is only part of the project)

In the left area, this is the mobile lunar base "Atomic" on the "Photon" rocket, the base consists of 6 modules: Locomotive, Living Module, Lab Module, Drilling Device and Reactor Module.

The base accommodates a maximum of 6 astronauts and travels long distances and engage in science and research. The main power source is a nuclear reactor, in addition to the side of the lab module there is a two-seat rover for exploration while the base is idle, there is also a drilling device that can drill deep and take samples, the astronauts must be replaced every three months

In the right area, this is a 6-seat ship "Taimyr" on the "Zhar Ptitsa II" rocket, which must deliver new astronauts and cargo to the "Atomic" base every three months and takes the spent astronauts back home



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    In fact, this base can do nothing more than move and dig, since many things are not implemented in the game

    Pinned 11 months ago
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    8,744 Chtite451SR2

    i have a base on luna and soon cylero (im working on that) and i send astronauts and rovers for exploration (short range and long range)

    11 months ago
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    @Remedy31 In the left panel you find a "magnifying glass", in the list of parts on the right will be "Eye", that's the x-ray

    11 months ago
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    129 Remedy31

    How to get that x-ray vision for farings ?

    11 months ago


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