For those who wish to learn how to create a custom capsule, this is the post for you. (DISCLAMER: This is extremely complicated.)

First of all, make a fuel tank with the desired thickness and height, then you will need to create a customisable fuselage (preferably but not limited to a strut) and place it on the tiny sides of the fuel tanks top and go to the transform tab and make it as thin as you want and resize it to match the fuel tanks side and rotate it to what you want. After this you must set the symmetry to 6x and duplicate and rotate the part with 6x symmetry making a cylinder with a pointed top, you can also decrease its height and place a fuel tank on top that’s connecting with all the parts for the shell of the capsule. If you zoom in you should be able to see an empty space, if that is there then you have done the process correctly. If the fuel tank on the top acting as the ceiling is not connected then you should go on the connections tab for that part and select ‘Bottom (Shell)’ and click the floor fuel tank and click ( Surface ). If you had any command chip or command pod on it then remove it and place it back on, that will allow you to create a door and windows by decreasing the height of the selected part and duplicating that part to touch the ceiling fuel tank so it’s on top of the bottom one but not filling it completely so there’s a window. Don’t click symmetry on the parts of the structure of the capsule because it will switch back to symmetry on all of those parts and it’ll ruin it. You can fix it by just removing the command part and placing it back on. If you do not understand this tutorial then comment it down below and I will make a seperate post with a video on my iPad showing how you do the process once it has been repaired.


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    169 KALAEX

    Video plss

    3.8 years ago
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    22.6k Rizkyman

    I don't understand what you are talking about

    4.1 years ago
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    5,713 Bori0

    Maybe a forum isn't the best place for this?
    Maybe try something more visual, like a step by step images or a video if you can.

    +3 4.2 years ago
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    That's much better than what I do. I just use a cargo bay.. lol

    I might try to make a detailed capsule at some point though.

    4.2 years ago


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