I’ve figured out how to automate getting into orbit but I haven’t figured out how to get into orbit of some other planet/moon. So I do that part manually. But I need to be able to activate my de-orbit/landing program once I get to the other planet/moon.



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    39.9k Gozinya

    The Vizzy code in this craft may give some more guidance, especially when you want to de-activate then re-activate Vizzy scripts. Hope it helps!

    1.4 years ago
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    5,483 Bori0

    If you want the AG to appear in the AG list, simply set any part even a tank part or any kind of idle part, to your desired AG and it should appear in the list.

    1.4 years ago
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    294 zeropol

    You can totally do as Kero showed you.
    There is a Vizzy block "activation group [number]".
    with the blocks while [ ], [ ]=[ ] and activation group [ ]you can then write in Vizzy what he said.
    When Kero say while(Ag=true)it means while ( activation group [the Number You Want to bind] = true )

    I may be wrong , but I think while this will work for deactivacting your orbit program with a key, you won't be able to activate it a second time unless you put this while loop inside an other loop. So maybe put the Kero loop inside an other loop to be able to activate your orbit program multiple times.
    Probably it was obvious for Kero and that's why he didnt stated it, but it is also possible I am wrong when I say it will only work once.

    edit : the action group is created when you use it in Vizzy this way, even if it don't show up on the action group list in flight. Do tests if you want to be sure.

    +2 1.5 years ago
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    But how do I create an activation group for code? I know how to create one for a part but not for a program. I’m playing the mobile version btw. @kerothehero

    1.5 years ago
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    5,483 Bori0

    Simply add a while(Ag=true) loop, and put your code inside it.

    +1 1.5 years ago

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