Do you have any guide for "Programming the Launch" or "Different Types of Engines"?

  • What are the proper engines for different stages?
  • How can I have a full automatic liftoff?


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    14.5k seventeen

    Are you still there?!?

    1.5 years ago
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    14.5k seventeen

    I just use the titan engines (I think that's what it's called) for mid-sized rockets (1st stage) because of their power-to-weight ratio and their efficiency. For heavy to superheavy rockets I use Apex engines. for superheavy rockets 2nd stage i use titan engines. I always use mage engine for stages 3 and up. For the last stage I use pixie.

    +2 1.7 years ago
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    311 zeropol

    Hi FaridRjb :
    * for choosing your engines type/fuel/settings, you can use the "performances" tools ingame. It show you the change in your dV, TWR, time of burn etc, when you changes the settings of your engines ingame. ( if you don't have a "performances" menu, maybe you need to install the "simple engineers" mod, I did not tried without. ) Wikipedia can be of use also, example
    * For the automatic liftoff. If you need to get started with Vizzy, you can use this video, it is just an example I guess there is more videos on youtube. You can then experiment in your programs. If you are more of a math guy, this video have a lot of good informations. And, you can join the Simple Rocket Chat to ask specific questions on the Vizzy channel.

    I hope you'll find what you are looking for, my advice is experiment and watch/read general rocketry videos/pages. Good luck and have fun :)

    +2 1.7 years ago

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