Always then I dock a Craft to another the Automatic heading of the docked craft is going wild: The Yaw slider is going up and the craft is moving like that, after a fex seconds the Craft is going back to the heading (Retro/Prograde or any other). But it never reaches this heading - it will repeat the proceder again and again.
I tried mostly everthing: Comandpods on/off - all options like replicate AG/Inputs.

It also happens when I use 2 Comandpods on one Rocket like Lander with Rover or with Satelit.

It's driving me nuts! :(
Please help me :)



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    Make sure to unset the target once you are docked and don’t leave the prograde/retrograde lock on

    1.7 years ago
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    311 zeropol

    I also had a comparable problem.
    On crafts with multiples commands pods/chip :
    - If you have an "apollo style" lander upside down, make sure you "take control" of the good command chip/pod. If Vizzy is used, it can be a mess.
    - I'm sure you already know this, but just in case : If your different commands pods should be oriented the same, adjust pilot orientation in the editor. ( for each command pod/chip : step1, step 2 )
    - On stations, if you have multiples Vizzy script attempting to set the craft orientation, it can be a mess. If so, solution is carefully put stop condition or deactivation action groups. If not, maybe make sure you are controlling the correct command pod/chip.
    - If nothing works, consider submitting a bug report or suggestion. (I'm sure the subject already has been evoked, but I did not found with a quick search. But this suggestion can be relevant if it is Vizzy that cause problem for you )
    Please let me know if you find an other solution :)

    +1 1.8 years ago

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