Most of players eventually find bugs during their playthrough. It is normal and I have no problem with that.

A few players will create an account here to report it. It is understandable. We are not paid beta testers and while it is good practice to report bugs, most people wont.

The game will improve proportionally to the amount of bugs being submitted, or at least it is an help for :
- knowing the recurrence of players encountering a particular bug.
- find niche bugs only a few players will hit.

Before creating an account here ( thanks all for being friendly by the way ), I tried to report bug with the ingame tool only to discover we need an account.

So, why is bug report "closed" in this manner ?
Even if the dev gets reports from people who didn't bought the game and pirated it, it is still an help.
If an anonymous bug report, à-la Atlassian jira or what you want, can not be envisaged for some reason, maybe an automated account creation, linked to the steam account who bought the game, would increase the amount of reports.

I totally don't want to be flaming !
Similarly, I don't want to dig up an old and already settled discussion. ( I did not found trace of it, I may have missed it ).
Also, it is already nice to have an ingame report system ( doing screenshot and all ) I m not saying it is bad. I question the "jundroo account only".

What do you guys (and lady) think about the bug report system ?
Should it even be improved or is it already perfect ?



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    15.2k Mod

    @zeropol Just a heads up, I didn't actually see your response until just now (as of writing this message). Next time you should hit the "reply" button on a user's comment so it pings them that you've sent a message so they can see it. I was just strolling through the site and thought to check here again is the only reason I've seen your comment. You can also ping players in your messages by just @'ing their usernames, only up to 3 at a time though, and just in the comment section.

    4.0 years ago
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    358 zeropol

    If 1000 players complains about the same common bug, that puts more pressure for the most encountered bugs, versus a few players talking loud about a bug ruining their personal contraption because others can't talk.

    I didn't thought about joke reports, and I get the point. Thanks for pointing it out !

    For the gibberish reports, I fear people like myself, even with goodwill, cannot do better ^_^
    With the (tens of) thousands of players, gibberish duplicates may be worse than the occasional joke, it makes sense...

    Also ( I'm new ) I've no idea how many people are working on the game and if some of them are dedicated to bug reports or not. Indeed being flooded by bug reports may be counterproductive, taking much more time to investigate.

    That raise the question of how to (automate, simplify) bug reports classification. Maybe the player select a c category then subcategory in the reporting process (naive suggestion, why not )

    Thanks for answering, because I know every body hates the newcomer who say "Hey look at this, did you thought of that ?", it still deserved to be a real question.

    4.0 years ago
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    15.2k Mod

    I think that if the system was open like you say, you'd get a lot more "joke" reports, and not as many actual reports, or maybe even more unintelligible gibberish that the devs themselves have to sort through and test out.
    I believe that they test out almost all bug reports except for those that are deemed duplicates, or something they've already fixed.

    4.0 years ago

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