Hello :)

In two days I lost 2 differents Vizzy programs. ( One of them I had a not-lo-long-ago save with different name, not the other )

They are not empty (SR2 say they have some Kb), yet when I load them they are empty. If I import them it throw "unable to load flight program".

I would like to avoid that without cluttering my program list by saving in a different name each time I modify something.

Is it known what can cause this ?
Is it rapid "launch/ undo and exit" ?
Is it multiples "launch/ undo and exit" without saving the program ?
Is it some programing error of mine ?
Is it alt-tabing the game ?

And, if it is a programing error of mine, how to retrieve the physical program file on my disc to investigate the error ?

It is quite depressing. How do you deal with this ?

Thanks !

edit : programs location on windows are in AppData\LocalLow\Jundroo\SimpleRockets 2\UserData\FlightPrograms
The not-loadable program question remains



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    @zeropol @sflanker Thanks for letting me know. This will be fixed in the next update.

    +2 3.9 years ago
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    311 zeropol

    @sflanker Thanks for answering !

    3.9 years ago
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    Mod sflanker

    I have encountered this only in cases where I manually edited the XML file for a saved Flight Program and then tried to load it. I have usually been able to recover such programs with more XML editing, but in some cases I've never been able to get the original Flight Program to load again.

    So as far as the cause in your case I'm not sure. If you are able to share the xml file for a flight program you are having trouble loading I would be willing to see if I can recover it for you.

    Edit: never mind, I see you found your problem.

    +1 3.9 years ago
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    311 zeropol

    Well took me an hour but finally found why :

    <CallCustomExpression call="ThisExpressionWasDeleted" style="call-custom-expression" />

    if a deleted custom expression is used, (for me, in a join text), the program will fail.

    I hope it will help someone should he encounter the same "unloadable" program error.
    (solution is : manual deletion of the CallCustomExpression(s) containing the ingame deleted custom expression reference )

    +1 3.9 years ago

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