There should be a set of liquid fuel engines, and a set of solid fuel engines.

There should also be 2 sets of fuel tanks, liquid and solid, which only work on their respective engines.

Now, before you go saying that I can only do one suggestion per post, the fuel tanks and engines go hand in hand.


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This fuel distinguishment is good because:
1. Engine fuel “control”
2. Different volatility
3. Different purposes

Engine fuel “control

Say you have multiple engines on your stage. What if you wanted one of the rockets to not use the booster’s fuel.

If this suggestion is implemented, you could do that by using liquid for the boosters and vice versa.

Different volitaloty

Solid fuel is less prone to explosions than liquid during transport. (I think)

Different purposes

ICBMs (last time I checked) are solid fuel.
Normal rockets are liquid or solid.
They have different uses...



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    110 Fjorge

    @Gestour oh

    6.3 years ago
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    240 Gestour

    @Fjorge the SRB's in SR are solid fuel. The ones you don't have to put a fuel tank on.

    6.3 years ago
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    110 Fjorge

    Yes, but I haven’t noticed the different fuels. @Gestour

    +1 6.3 years ago
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    240 Gestour

    Have you played SimpleRockets before?
    It already has liquid and solid fuel rockets.

    6.3 years ago

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