Where i can find the guide to use it properly? What the blue and Red nodes do? And how to aim other planet with it? Thx in advance



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    267 Dracozard

    @ColonelStriker i use burn nodes, when i use Green nodes to aim mars the circle is bigger and before the circle reach mars it become smaller and go the other side where i aim, i really noob

    2.1 years ago
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    You aim Mainly using green and blue nodes. Green to get to there, blue to reassure “angle” of approach. Red is when the planet is not in the same angle (viewed sideways) to you.

    +1 2.1 years ago
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    In the most basic possible terms:
    Blue: “angle” of orbit if viewed top down
    Green: how elongated said orbit is
    Red: angle of orbit if viewed from the side

    +2 2.1 years ago

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