the recent update has destroyed the icons reinstall them if they are messed up

AeroJet Mariodyne realistic engine Pack_3

Finally, this has taken a while but im very happy with it. this version adds 7 new engines with the merlin 1D getting a makeover. but the part im most happy about is the new high res icons, provided by the king of xml himself pedro. my old icons were very low res and i really didnt like them at all.
- RL-10A
- RL-10B
- Vinci
- Vulcain 1
- LR-87
- RS-25
- YF-100
- RD-191
- BE-3
- BE-3U
- BE-4
- RD-0120
- J-2
- J-2X
- RS-68A
- RS-68B
- F-1
- RD-180
- RD-170
- RD-858
- F-1B
- Raptor Vac
- Nerva 2
- NK-33
- NK-43
- NK-39
- Merlin Vac


How to install:

1) click the download link above and download the folder AM Engine Pack V_3
2) open up the folder, inside youll see two folders, Icons and Subassemblies.
3) First navigate to your Subassemblies folder, Appdata/LowLocal/Jundroo/Simplerockets2/UserData/Subassembilies
4) move all the contents in the subassemblies folder into that folder
5) Next navigate to your Icons folder, Appdata/LowLocal/Jundroo/Simplerockets2/Gamedata/Parts/Icons
6) move all the icons from AM engine pack folder into the game icons folder
7) open up the game

If you want to help us with this pack, RSS or any mod idea you have dont forget to join the ComplexRockets server


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    13.6k Rafaele

    Esos son mas motores que la chucha wn iawodiawnodinwoagi, por cierto, ¡¡¡ya tienes mas de 10,000 puntos!!!!

    ¡Saludos de Chile!

    +1 one year ago
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    7,184 fyyrree

    @GamingLaptopNoob we’ve been working really hard to make 1 part models which are far more detailed and clean than what you could make using stock sr2 tools. That’s what ur gonna see when the mod comes out

    +1 one year ago
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    @GamingLaptopNoob no this will be stopped and replaced with real engines mod with 1 part models

    +1 one year ago
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    When mods are fully implemented will this be on the steam workshop

    one year ago
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    Mod Clory

    Nice! Love it :)

    +3 one year ago
  • Profile image

    @SuperCracket Thanks :)

    +2 one year ago
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    Nice new Icons!

    +2 one year ago


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