Me as a beta tester

Thank you to Jundroo and the community

This post only represents the viewpoint of me

*I am one of the beta testers of SimpleRockets 2. *

Some of us (testers) accompanied the game for a few months while some of us only for a few weeks. But we shared a common goal: to make SimpleRockets 2 a better game.

There had been over 200 bug reports and over 140 suggestions made by us. We had many amazing crafts carefully pieced together by some of the talented testers. Some others like me crammed parts together hoping they would work.

We had long discussions about the game in our discord server. I am quite sure that there are other tester communities out there that also talked about the game.

But also, there is the public community that is reading this post right now. I will say thank you to you, for not bombarding the testers asking for game information, for generally being nice to each other (I have some to learn here), and for constantly supporting the Jundroo team.

Finally, thank you to Jundroo, to Andrew Garrison, Phillip Tarpley, Nathan Mikeska, Kevin Murphy (Weebabyseamus), and William Burnham (HellFireKoder). Thank you all for bringing us such an amazing sequel to SimpleRockets 1. I hope the company has an amazing sixth year.

*Some of our reactions when we first knew that we are beta testers: *

mjdfx150529: When I read the notification, I got so excited that I jumped around, tripped, and twisted my ankle.

Bmcclory: I stood in shock for a few minutes haha.

Shigure: I was just really excited...but yeah Andrew was like "hey you wanna be a tester" and I was like "yes please"...high heart rate and everything.

Venus: shocked.

Mod:Hmmm, This can't be. I mean.. can it? Oh.. it is.. Awesome!

Tully2001: I was in shock and excitement at the same time. A truly warming feeling

Note: if you don’t want your reaction shown, reply in comment section

And finally my own stuff:
Check the cinematic-ish video I made!
SimpleRockets 2 Cylero Habitat Mission


PS: when someone says the game is a KSP ripoff, don’t get into arguments. Refer to the public statements of Jundroo.


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    @AstronautPlanes Hi fella

    +1 2.6 years ago
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    19.5k Rafaele

    "Some others like me crammed parts together hoping they would work" That's also me :P

    +1 2.6 years ago
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    Mod Ctracerx2

    @RailfanEthan Man, that thing never works.. Neither does their coffee machines.. I want a mocha!

    +2 2.6 years ago
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    563 MyMessage

    Going home now!

    +1 2.6 years ago
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    1,042 RailfanEthan

    SR2 machine works, unlike mcdonald's ice cream machine

    +4 2.6 years ago


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