This is a Subassembilies engine pack of all my realistic engines so far! these were made with Xml for real life performance so keep that in mind. all these engines have been untextured to be compatible with any craft.

engines are:

- RL-10A

- RS-25

- J-2

- J-2X

- RS-68A

- RS-68B

- F-1

- Merlin 1D

- Raptor

- AM Linear Aerospike

- RD-180

- RD-170

- RD-858

- Sabre Hybrid_ this one is KraZIvan's


How to install:

1) First click here to download the folder.

2) next you will need to unpack all the folder files in this location on your computer

C:\Users\ [your computer name here] \AppData\LocalLow\Jundroo\SimpleRockets 2\UserData\Subassemblies

3) open up your game and enjoy :)


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