I don't see anything about "career" or "campaign" in the roadmap page. It seems it was the intention to get to it:

Career Mode Message

Is career mode just too far out in the future to be on the roadmap?

Upvote if you want to see career mode on the roadmap!



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    7,034 NoName101

    Personally I’d rather see the planet builder first

    +4 1.2 years ago
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    @Shmexysmpilot Some of the suggestions are written by the devs though

    +3 1.2 years ago
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    The 'roadmap' page is more for us to know which of our suggestions are being considered/worked on, and not necessarily everything that the devs already have planned for the game. Career mode has been planned, so there isn't any need for a post about in on the roadmap page.

    1.2 years ago


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