If there are going to ever be astronauts in SimpleRockets then there are some problems that are going to be blocking this.
First of all, most crafts in both SimplePlanes and SimpleRockets vary greatly in to-scale sizes, this is an issue because astronauts are not really gonna be to scale with a craft. I don’t really have an idea to evade this besides allowing players to change the size of the astronauts but it’s just a weird idea anyways.
Secondly, plenty of crafts have custom pods/cockpits that aren’t actually pods. And then you have to put the real pod inside the craft to hide it and make it as if your own pod is the real one. So then how will astronauts exit through the custom pod? They will be in the real one that is inside the craft itself. I have two ideas for this, the first one would be to add a hatch part. The hatch part can be placed anywhere and when you go on EVA you select the hatch part and they exit through it. Or if the hatch is obstructed (because it’s inside a part via XML) the astronauts will automatically exit through the hatch part. My other idea is making custom pods. Imagine you just built a shuttle and it has a command pod placed inside of it and has its own cockpit that you made. But what if you could just make that the actual pod? And you could just select it and assign it as the real pod? So this way you don’t need to XML the command pod inside of the fuselage and select your custom cockpit as the pod to then place a hatch part on the desired exit.
Those were my ideas to fix all astronaut issues so we can eventually have an EVA option, because how would we beat the Kerbals to universe domination?
Keep up the good work Jundroo team.



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    366 Shibe

    Thanks for the feedback

    1.2 years ago
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    The size issue, just make the crafts meant to have crew adapted to the size of the crew, same for KSP, if you want Kerbonauts the craft needs to fit them.
    For the custom cabins problem. If they add characters I'm sure they'll add crafts with interiors, and many cabins have interiors now, it's just an inexistent problem that will be fixed itself. The only problem is that old crafts won't work well with them, like with the new engines.
    A quick fix for the custom cabins would be adding a seat part, so them can be on the seat and not inside the only crew cabin part that we have now, and then improving how cargo bay doors work so we can make the cabins.

    +4 1.2 years ago
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    495 swope

    I'm guessing that before astronauts are added, there will be more options for capsules, cockpits, habitats, etc. Hopefully all of them will be scalable like most SR2 parts.

    I wouldn't stress about previously built craft that are the wrong scale or custom crew modules. That's par for the course on early access, sometimes you have to rebuild when new releases break your design.

    +2 1.2 years ago

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