Hello there!
I know i don't have a big and active follower base but i thought i'd post this regardless.

It's been a while now since i wanted to give my creations proper designations instead of just "NAME Mk-X" so i finally got to thinking and i came up with this
(Btw, I'm just adding designations to the aircraft, the current name will be kept as the aircraft's nickname)

So here's the list of roles and their respective designations (most of which don't even have any crafts yet)

Aerial Refueling - Tanker - TK

AWACS - Watcher - WT

Airlift/Transport - Goliath - GL

Bomber - Hurricane - HC

Civil/Commercial - Horizon - HZ

Experimental - Sentinel - ST

Fighter - Raptor - RT

Ground Attack - Hawk - HW

Helicopters/VTOL - Chimeric - CH

Interceptor - Stinger - SG

Multi-role Fighter - Vanguard - VG

Trainer - Flex - FX

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) - Scout - SC

So my current (and a few minor spoilers of things I'm planning) set of aircraft is as follows:

Lancer and Lancer Remastered >> Horizon-10 (HZ-10) "Lancer" and Horizon-15 (HZ-15) "Lancer II" respectively

Owl Mk-1 >> Flex-01 (FX-01) "Owl Mk-1" (and I'm planning a stunts plane version called Horizon-500S (HZ-500S) "Owl" (already uploaded))

Owl Mk-2 >> Stinger-01 (SG-01) "Owl Mk-2"

Quetza >> Goliath-O (GL-O) "Quetza" (it's supposed to be the Omega symbol but I don't think the website allows it)

Sparrow Mk-1 >> Skystrider-05 (ST-05) "Sparrow Mk-1"

Sparrow Mk-2 >> Vanguard-CH2 (VG-CH2) "Sparrow Mk-2"

Vulture >> Chimeric-01 (CH-01) "Vulture"

And my newest upcoming aircraft:
Chimeric-02 (CH-02) "Dolphin" (already uploaded)

So that's it i guess
From now on all of my aircraft are gonna have a designation from this list, if there's a role without a designation I'll just come back to this post and add it


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