1. i am currently modeling a full-feature, animation-ready, posable character in blender. it’s been 4 about days and i haven’t finished (actually i did finish now)
  2. career mode is not very fun. and you can’t say “well u just haven’t played it enough” because i have no time for limited experience that starts at 0 and gradually increases without enough things to do. it’s not even really fun, it’s just doing chores. i would rather start much higher, to keep me occupied until i advance after i’m getting bored with what is available to me
  3. usually i find ksp and elite dangerous more fun than juno, but i’d rather make up my own spaceflight video game
  4. i’m practicing more skills in blender, and in music
  5. juno generally doesn’t have enough things to do. like, what are you gonna do when you get to your destination orbit, or what are you going to do on the surface of a celestial body? nothing scientific, nothing much do, except watch pretty views maybe



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