Hello, SR community. Some of you may remember me as the player StarmanG10, also known as the kid who made an account underage, pubicly admitted it, ban evaded, then got banned again. Today is my birthday, which means I have officially turned 13. Unlike most players, who get banned underage and then act like they suddenly turned 13 (even though they are like, 4, cough cough, glances suspiciouslly at SRM), I legitimately waited the 4 years ( I was 9 at the time when I got banned), and uhh... to the mods who were mad that there was a kid on the site, sorry lmfao.

I'll mainly be on the here, since I think I can make good rockets fate will tell lol. So uhhh, yeah, not much else to say. Expect alot of crafts to come soon


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    @Zenithspeed good on ya!

    +1 2 days ago
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    @Mostly lmfao

    +2 2 days ago
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    13.5k Zenithspeed

    aye, i had it sorta similar over on SimplePlanes, but with a different account compared to this one, made it when i was 11 and had no idea you had to be 13, so when i sorta revealed my age i just got banned but wasn't even that mad and just waited it out until my 13th birthday as well

    +2 2 days ago
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    Mod Mostly

    Own those frauds

    +3 2 days ago


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