i absolutely love how the initial system (Worand, Talune, Odena) turned out, as unlike most of my stuff, the view turned out almost EXACTLY how i imagined it
currently, the base three are done, with there now being a second moon: Saravona, an old dusty world with a thin and fading atmosphere, and relatively flat terrain but with large mesas and ancient rivers scattered around - it's still WIP but the basic concept of it is done
i should also note that Talune isn't exactly an original creation - i took an existing user-made planet (named Fu Xi and made by user SRNS) and modified it - i changed the colors, size, and ring dimensions, but the pattern and ring texture remained the same - the reason for me using it is its cloud pattern, which is much more realistic compared to the default gas giant template, featuring storms arranged in a realistic-like fashion, and more "flowy" clouds

and yeah, the SV80 is still my general all-around-use craft, its versatility and ease of use is simply unmatched when it comes to testing and exploration - it's basically finished at this point, but since i'm on a posting break (which excludes forums and feedback) i won't be uploading it yet.



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    22.8k Zenithspeed

    @AlphaAreospace YES

    Polyphemus Hyper Super Duper Turbo Ultra Giga Mega Max Pro Gold Deluxe Limited Extra Collector's Final Edition

    11 months ago
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    @Zenithspeed it looks like a Polyphemus ultra max pro ultimate gold diamond nethernite collectors edition

    +1 11 months ago
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    22.8k Zenithspeed

    @Ylias yeah, i've delayed the uploading of all my posts until the start of my local summer break (June 16) where i'll upload with my unpredictable "schedule" again, really it's just so i can focus on school and other games and whatnot
    my biggest active project for now is, by far, Zenith Galaxy 2.0, it's basically completed too but i still need to do testing, debugging, de-crashing, and a bunch of photoshoots... aside from that, the VB Exostar Collection is the only thing that'll be able to surpass ZG2.0, but i might have to cancel it since the app i use to edit XML files of the game no longer wants the files or folders to show up since the 1.0 update, so yeah...

    +1 one year ago


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