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We decided to test all 4 components at the same time. They were all ready, and at there respective test sites. At 5:00 A.M. EST all engines on the respective components ignited, and fired for the full length they would in flight. All performed better then expected.

Name news

We have decided after the wheel spin, [insert corny celebration sound here]. The rocket will be officially branded as the Titan, and secondarily branded as the 4 Peace. We will refer to it as Titan. But it will have a secondary use name of 4 Peace. And will have Titan, and 4 Peace on the first stage. Now what do we mean by secondary use. We mean it as interchangeable terms, It will officially be referred to as Titan, but can also be called 4 Peace by ESO officials, and the public.

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    @TomKerbal no problem, I decided since the community [only you lol] gave an answer, I didn't want to ask people to suggest names, then immediately ignore them. So I decided [even though its weird] to give the Titan, 1, and future titans the secondary name of 4 Peace

    2 days ago
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    225 TomKerbal

    @EpsilonSpaceOrganization "4 Peace" :-D Great! Thank you !

    4 days ago

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