so, originally this was meant as a full-on break from the game and posting (not the site though), but of course the urge to make stuff got in right when i decided to take the break (before that i was bored as hell ofc), so i'll be changing it a bit: it's only a posting break now, so you won't see any new crafts, planets, or systems, but i'll be building behind the scenes still.
though, as a compensation for the "downtime", there'll be a brand new system in the making, Worand, which will be the 3rd system that is fictional but uses the real-size/5x/RSS scale, next to Vanar and Ehretvar. Worand will be a G4V star with a solo gas giant named Talune as its only planet and will have its innermost moon Odena habitable with a great view of the rings, alongside other rich and diverse moons that are yet unnamed (plans include: a moon that has some water pools but is non-habitable due to virtually no oxygen and high CO2 amount; a dense moon with large concentration of iron, perfect for a mining colony; a large moon with a fairly thin atmosphere but otherwise flat and boring features; a rocky moon that is pretty small but has lots of ice in it making it quite bright; +more)


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    13.5k Zenithspeed

    oof, got a problem with the system
    trying to replace the default Juno with Worand breaks the system editor, the default Juno is gone with but the UI still shows it as Juno, though in the "all planets in this system" Worand is correctly displayed
    and it still does the same even if i load in another system and try to replace the star there as well
    i would post a bug report, but as it has always been said by the developers, "Planet Studio is not supported for mobile" so there you go

    Pinned 7 days ago
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    1,817 Luckwut

    @Zenithspeed i got that bug too, restarting the game and going straight to system making fix the problem for me

    +2 6 days ago


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